Yoong Bae

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Yoong Bae
Revised RomanizationBae Yung
McCune–ReischauerPae Yung

Yoong Bae (November 19, 1928 – November 14, 1992) was a Korean American painter and sculptor.[1]

He was born in Seoul, Korea on November 19, 1928. He first visited the United States as a member of the Ford Foundation's Young Artist Program in 1963. He emigrated from South Korea in 1974.[1]


Bae's solo exhibition "Works on Paper" was held at Soker-Kaseman Gallery in San Francisco in 1983. A posthumous solo exhibition was held at Jean Art Gallery in Seoul, South Korea in 2008.

His art explored themes related to Asian philosophy and spirituality, particularly Confucian and Zen ideas.[1] His Dansaekhwa style of works were among those exhibited in a retrospective exhibition at the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco in 1996–1997.

Personal life[edit]

Bae died on November 14, 1992 of cancer.[1]


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