Yordan Popyordanov

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Yordan "Orce" Popyordanov (Bulgarian: Йордан (Орце) Пoпйopдaнoв; Macedonian: Јордан (Орце) Попјорданов) (1881 in Veles, Kosovo Vilayet, Ottoman Empire – April 17, 1903 in Thessaloniki) was revolutionary anarchist in Ottoman Macedonia. He is considered Bulgarian[1] in Bulgaria and ethnic Macedonian in Republic of Macedonia. After graduating from the Bulgarian Men's High School of Thessaloniki he joined the "Gemidzhii Circle", which in the spring of 1903 launched a campaign of Thessaloniki bombings of 1903 in the capital of Ottoman Macedonia, Thessalonica to draw world attention to the conditions in Macedonia under Ottoman rule. One of the buildings chosen was the French Ottoman Bank, which Orce was assigned to bomb through the underground passageway dug out weeks before by the Gemidzhii. He died in the explosion on April 17.