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Young Achievers Award
Presented byYAA
First awardedSeptember 14, 2009[1]
Most recent Young Achievers Award Winners
← 2013 Young Achievers Awards 2017 2018 →
Award Creative Arts (Music) Business Award
Winner Milege Ricky Rapa Thompson
  Aid for Trade Global Review 2017 – Day 1 (35705511972).jpg
Award Social Entrepreneurship Star Hall of Fame
Winner Muhammed Kisirisa Amelia Kyambadde

Previous Media and Journalism

Flavia Tumusiime

Media and Journalism

Ronald Wandera

The Young Achievers Awards is a national competition held annually in Uganda which selects and promotes the best practice and excellence in youth creativity.[2][3] By demonstrating a young person's potential to create an outstanding nation built on entrepreneurship, YAA aims at recognizing Uganda's leaders of tomorrow today.[4][5] It provides an opportunity for people from all walks of life to work together to address national developmental challenges in ICT, the Arts, Health, Education, Gender and access to better lives.[6][7][8]


Founded in 2009 by Awel Uwihanganye and Ivan Serwano Kyambadde, the Award was created as a platform to showcase Africa's best talent as an encouragement in their quest to create economic opportunity, attain financial independence and improve their leadership abilities to ultimately play meaningful roles in managing the affairs of society.[9]

Award categories[edit]

  • Young Achiever -Business and Trade
  • Young Achiever –Media and Society
  • Young Achiever- Leadership and Governance
  • Young Achiever -Art, Fashion and Culture
  • Young Achiever -Music and Entertainment
  • Young Achiever -Sports
  • Young Achiever- I.C.T Solutions
  • Overall Young Achievers of the Year
  • Young Achiever's Heroes/Heroine Award
  • Lifetime Achievement Award
  • Young Achievers Star Hall Of Fame
  • Overrall Young Achiever

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