Young Democrats of Utah

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Young Democrats of Utah
President TJ Ellerbeck
Founded 2003
Headquarters Salt Lake City, Utah
Mother party Utah Democratic Party
National affiliation Young Democrats of America

The Young Democrats of Utah (YDU) is an official caucus of the Utah Democratic Party. The group's membership is open to Utah Democrats under the age of 36.

2014 YDU Leadership[edit]

YDU membership elects its officers at an annual convention. The most recent convention was held May 17, 2014.

Its executive committee consists of the President, a non-voting Executive Director, the Vice-President, the Secretary, the Treasurer, the Communications Director, the National Committeewoman, the National Committeeman, and the Chair and Vice-Chair from each of its three caucuses. Its three caucuses are the Young Professional Democrats of Utah, the College Democrats of Utah, and the High School Democrats of Utah.

Executive Board of YDU:[1]

  • President: TJ Ellerbeck
  • Vice-President: Mike Harmond
  • Executive Director: Oscar Mata
  • Secretary: Ryan Curtis
  • Treasurer: Clay Marsh
  • National Committeeman: Alex Cragun
  • National Committeewoman: Elizabeth Roberts
  • Communications Director: Steven Collicelli

Caucus Leaders of YDU:

  • Young Professionals Caucus Chair: Kelly Nickel
  • Young Professionals Caucus Vice-Chair: Steven Collicelli
  • College Caucus Chair: Marcus Stevenson
  • College Caucus Vice-Chair:
  • High School Caucus Chair:
  • High School Caucus Vice-Chair:

Appointed Board of YDU:

  • Chapter Building Director: Vacant
  • Government Relations Director: Vacant
  • LGBT Outreach Coordinator: Rudy Miera

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