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This article is about the Pakistani children's newspaper. For the Ricky Nelson song, see Young World (song).
For a Czech magazine, see Mladý Svět.

Young World is a newspaper for children. It is an edition of the well-known Dawn. It has drawings and stories contributed by children with pictures too! It has reviews of books, movies, songs and websites. It also has News Update section in the end where news for children are present. There are small articles from comics like Archie etc. It has many poems written by children. It also contains a note from the editor every week. Young World is delivered only on Saturday. It also contains new words in the Word Of The Week corner for children to improve their vocabulary.


Consists Of Buda Da Great,Yungan,Profitt,Blak,and producer J-Mitch.They established the group in December 2006 and been a group ever since.

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This Newspaper comes on Saturday.