Youngstown (band)

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Origin Youngstown, Ohio
Genres Pop
Years active 1998-2005
Labels Hollywood Records
Associated acts Nobody's Angel
Past members David "DC" Yeager
James L. Dallas
Samuel "Sammy" Lopez Jr

Youngstown was a boy band formed December 31, 1998. The band made up of David "DC" Yeager, Samuel "Sammy" Lopez Jr and James L. Dallas is named for the trio's hometown, Youngstown, Ohio.

The band's first single, "I'll Be Your Everything", featured on the Inspector Gadget soundtrack is also on their debut album Let's Roll. In February 2000, Disney Channel aired a concert special featuring Youngstown and another group, Steps, titled Steps and Youngstown In Concert. The concert itself promoted the group and the sales of the album.

Their second album, Down For the Get Down, was released in 2001, and yielded the #21 Hot Singles Sales U.S. hit "Sugar." Both albums were released through Hollywood Records. "Could You Love Me", the second album track was recorded later by Nick Lachey on his first album, SoulO.[1][2] They also had a song on the first Princess Diaries soundtrack called "Away With The Summer Days".

Past members[edit]



  • Let's Roll (September 28, 1999)
  • Down for the Get Down (August 7, 2001)

Other albums[edit]

  • Pokémon World Collector's Edition, (with Nobody's Angel), Released: February 8, 2000. Music for Pokémon: The Movie 2000.


  • 1999: "I'll Be Your Everything"
  • 1999: "It's Not What You Think" (from soundtrack for The Famous Jett Jackson)
  • 2000: "Pedal to the Steel" (featuring Kel Mitchell), Released: November 21, 2000 (import)
  • 2001: "Sugar" (enhanced single)
  • 2001: "Prince You Charmed"
  • 2001: "Anything and Everything", Released on Summer Catch soundtrack


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