Your Son and Brother

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Vash syn i brat (Russian: Ваш сын и брат, or Your Son And Brother) is a 1965 Soviet drama film, directed by Vasily Shukshin. The movie is based on Vasily Shukshin's short stories "Styopka" (Стёпка), Ignat Has Arrived (Игнат приехал) and Snake Poison (Змеиный яд).


There is an old man named Yermolai Voyevodin living in a Siberian village. He has four sons and a daughter. They all have different lives. The oldest one - Ignat - moves to Moscow and begins to perform at a circus. He is happy with his life and manages to seduce his brother Maxim into coming to the capital. Maxim finds a job as a laborer at a construction site, but constantly feels loneliness. He longs for his village, but he is too proud to come back home. Another son - Stepan - gets into a "righteous" fight and goes to prison. Three months before his official release, Stepan escapes from prison and returns to his village to see his relatives and his homeland and to find strength to serve his sentence, as he calls it. The old man is left with his favorite son Vasily and a mute daughter Verka. Yermolai is very emotional over the breakup of his family and dreams of getting all of his sons together under his roof, but will his dream ever come true?


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