Yousef Alikhani

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Yousef Alikhani

Yousef Alikhani (Persian: یوسف علیخانی‎‎; born 1975) is an Iranian writer.

Early life[edit]

Alikhani was born in the Tati-speaking village of Milak, Qazvīn Province. He studied Arabic literature at the University of Tehran.[1]


Alikhani released his third collection of short stories in April 2010.[2]

Collections of short stories[edit]

  • Aroos-e’-Beed (Willow’s Bride), Aamout Publication, 2009.
  • Dragon Slayage, Aamout Publication, 2007.
  • Ghadam Bekheir was my Grandmother, Aamout Publication, 2003

Other books[edit]

  • Looking for Hassan Sabbah: the Life story of the god of Alamut for Young Adults, Qoqnoos Publication, 2007. ISBN 964-311-531-3.
  • Saeb Tabrizi’s Life, Madraseh Publication, 2007. ISBN 964-385-865-0.
  • Ibn Batuteh’s Life, Madraseh Publication, 2004. ISBN 964-385-416-7.
  • Aziz and Negar: Re-reading a love story, Qoqnoos Publication, 2002
  • The Third Generation of Fiction Writing in Today’s Iran: Interviews with Writers, Markaz Publication, 2001
  • The Stories of the People of Alamut and Roodbar, in collaboration with Afshin Naderi (to be published)


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