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Ytraberget is a peninsula at Hafrsfjord in Sola in Rogaland, Norway. Ytraberget is connected to Indraberget and divides Sørnesvågen and Grannesvågen. [1]

Harald Fairhair (ca. 865-ca. 933) fought the Battle of Hafrsfjord during 872 AD. In the Saga by Snorri Sturluson, a little isle is mentioned as the location where Kjotve the Rich fled the battle. [2] The little isle is commonly held to have been Ytraberget, although it is now connected by a low isthmus of some 2 meters in elevation to Indraberget. It is thought that the earth's crust rebounding post glaciation over 1,100 years has exposed the connection between the two. On the top of the hill there is a plateau about 100 x 50 m. This is the area of the Bronze Age stone fortifications (bygdeborg). There are three or four buildings that were a part of the ruined structure, all about 8 x 5 m. Near the top of Ytraberget there is a stone slab monument erected in 1972 near the ruins for the 1,100-year anniversary of the Battle of Hafrsfjord. There are good fishing and swimming possibilities at Ytraberget.[3][4]


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