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Yu-Chuan Jack Li
Native name
Alma materTaipei Medical University
University of Utah School of Medicine

Yu-Chuan Jack Li (Chinese: 李友專; Wade–Giles: Li Yu-chuan) is a Taiwanese researcher of artificial intelligence in medicine, and medical informatics[1] and a practicing dermatologist [2] in Taiwan. He completed his studies in medicine at Taipei Medical University before pursuing his Ph.D. in Medical Informatics at the University of Utah School of Medicine Utah, United States. He has been the Principal Investigators of many national projects related to Translational Biomedical Informatics, Patient Safety, and Artificial Intelligence [3] [4] [5]. He also founded the International Center for Health Information Technology (ICHIT) at Taipei Medical University in 2015 and the Artificial Intelligence for Medicine and Health Innovations (AIMHI) in 2017. He has remained Editor-in-Chief of the prestigious International Journal for Quality in Health Care [6] [7] [8] (published jointly by Oxford University Press and ISQua) and Journal of Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine (an SCI scientific journal). Over the course of his career, he has made significant contributions to the fields of Medical Informatics and AI in Medicine, won various awards and has been featured regularly in the local media for his work and publications. [9] [10] [11]

He is currently Dean and Distinguished Professor at the College of Medical Science and Technology, Taipei Medical University [12] [13] and the Chief of Dermatology at the Center for Cosmetic and Laser, Taipei Municipal Wanfang Hospital.

Positions held[edit]

Work Experience[edit]

  1. Distinguished Professor, College of Medical Science and Technology, Taipei Medical University, 2016 ~
  2. Health and Welfare Department Health Information Technology Development Association, Member, 2015 ~ 2017
  3. Ministry of Health and Welfare Hospital Information System Reform Task Force, Member, 2015 ~ 2016
  4. Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine (SCI Journal), Global Editor-in-Chief, 2013 ~ 2018
  5. Taipei Medical University, School of Medical Science and Technology, Dean, 2011 ~
  6. Taiwan Remote Care Service Industry Association, Vice Chairman, 2011 ~ 2013
  7. Taipei City Government, Municipal Consultant, 2011 ~ 2013
  8. Department of Health and Welfare, Disease Control Agency, Consultant, 2011 ~ 2017
  9. International Medical Information Society (IMIA), Vice President, 2009 ~ 2012
  10. Taipei Medical University, Vice President, 2009 ~ 2011
  11. Asia Pacific Medical Information Society (APAMI), Chairman, 2006 ~ 2009
  12. National Institute of Biomedical Information, Yangming University, Professor and Director, 2006 ~ 2009
  13. Taiwan Medical Information Society, Honorary Chairman, 2006 ~
  14. Wanfang Hospital, Associate Dean, 2003 ~ 2006
  15. Taiwan Medical Information Exchange Level 7 Agreement Association (HL7 Taiwan), Founding Director, 2001 ~ 2005

Published Work[edit]

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Honors and Awards[edit]