Yu Shinan

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Yu Shinan
Official of the Tang dynasty
Born 558
Died 638 (aged 79–80)
Traditional Chinese 虞世南
Simplified Chinese 虞世南
Pinyin Yú Shìnán
Wade–Giles Yü Shih-nan
Courtesy name Boshi (Chinese: 伯施; pinyin: Bóshī; Wade–Giles: Po-shih)
Posthumous name Duke Wenyi of Yongxing (simplified Chinese: 永兴文懿公; traditional Chinese: 永興文懿公; pinyin: Yǒngxīng Wényì Gōng; Wade–Giles: Yung-hsing Wen-i Kung)
This is a Chinese name; the family name is Yu.

Yu Shinan (558–638), courtesy name Boshi, posthumously known as Duke Wenyi of Yongxing, was a Chinese official, litterateur, Confucian scholar and calligrapher who lived in the early Tang dynasty and rose to prominence during the reign of Emperor Taizong. His uncle, Yu Ji (虞寄), also served in the Tang imperial court as an Imperial Secretary. He is regarded as one of the four greatest calligraphers in the early Tang dynasty along with Ouyang Xun, Chu Suiliang and Xue Ji, and one of the more famous ones in the history of Chinese calligraphy. Emperor Taizong once mentioned that Yu Shinan was "a man of five absolute merits".


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