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Yula Beeri, born Yuli Yael Be'eri, is an Israeli composer, musician, and performer. She has been performing music in New York City for the past ten years.[citation needed]

Yula is the founder of the music and arts collective Yula & The Extended Family (YXFM), an ever-morphing poetic tribe based at The Hive NYC in Brooklyn. The group's members not only produce music but also theater, film, photography, painting, literature, and dance. Yula's current projects include electronic trio "Kiss Slash Crooked Smile" (Assf Spector and Stefano Baldasseroni), "Hydra Vocal Trio" (Sarah Small and Rima Fand) and "Yula and The Extended Family"

Current members of YXFM include Yula Beeri (vocals, guitar, bass, keyboards, accordion, and more), Isaac Gardner (drums, theater), Stefano Baldasseroni, Shahar Mintz, Yuval Semo, Uri Kleinman, Chen Prat, Khen Price . Former members include Stefan Zeniuk, Taylor Galassi, Daniel J Gerstle , Kate Meyer née Campbell, Robert J Meyer, Sarah Zar, Kevin Patrick Taylor, and others.

The band has independently released three albums: Victor, Dark Side of the Bee, Florida. They include the singles "Yulix", "Back Off America", and "Mouthful of Diamonds." "Barcelona," her most well-known song[citation needed] performed live, has not yet appeared on an album. The band also continues to perform hits from her previous band, Nanuchka, including "Red," "Mediterranean," and "Good Well." In 2010, the band performed both at the SXSW Festival and Punk Island NYC.[citation needed]

Yula is also the former bassist and music writer for The World Inferno Friendship Society, Nanuchka, and Star Fucking Hipsters. Her collaborations include working with Brian Viglione of The Dresden Dolls,[citation needed] Franz Nicolay of The Hold Steady,[citation needed] Tamir Muskat of Balkan Beatbox,[citation needed] Stefan Zeniuk of Gato Loco,[citation needed] Roy Gurel of Electro Morocco,[citation needed] Shlomi Lavie of Marcy Playground,[citation needed] Taylor Galassi of This Way to the Egress,[citation needed] Torcher Chamber,[citation needed] and many others.

She recently became the lead singer in Yuval Semo's Seasonal Beast. She currently plays with Yula and the Extended Family based at The Hive NYC in Brooklyn, New York.


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