Yuriko Chiba

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Yuriko Chiba
Native name
千羽 由利子
OccupationAnime director and character designer

Yuriko Chiba (千羽 由利子, Chiba Yuriko) is an animator and character designer.[1] Some of her major character designs were for anime shows To Heart, Figure 17, Planetes, and Sacred Seven. In animation direction, she worked on I Dream of Mimi, Berserk, To Heart and Steel Angel Kurumi Zero.


List of works in anime
Year Series Crew role Notes Source[2]
1997 "White Reflection" by Two-Mix Character design, Animation director Music video for theme song from Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz [3]
1997 I Dream of Mimi Animation director OVA
1997 Berserk Chief animation director
1999 To Heart Character design, Chief animation director
2001 Steel Angel Kurumi Zero Character design, Chief animation director
2001–02 Figure 17 Character design
2003–04 Planetes Character design
2010 Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn Animation director OVA Ep. 1
2011 Sacred Seven Character design
2012 Sacred Seven Special: Wings of Gingetsu Character design
2015 Maria the Virgin Witch Character design TV Series [4]


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