Yuzaburo Mogi

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Yuzaburo Mogi
Born February 13, 1935
Noda, Chiba, Empire of Japan
Alma mater Keio University (B.A.)
Columbia University (M.B.A)
Known for Chairman and CEO of Kikkoman

Yuzaburo Mogi (茂木 友三郎 Mogi Yūzaburō?, February 13, 1935 –) is a Japanese businessman who is the current Chairman and CEO of Kikkoman.[1]

Early life and career[edit]

Mogi obtained a Bachelor of Arts from Keio University in 1958 and a Master of Business Administration from Columbia Business School.[2] In the 1950s, Mogi helped introduce Soy Sauce to the American public by hiring chefs to create recipes that included the sauce. He then sent the recipes to local newspapers, in an attempt to get housewives to cut them out and shop for the ingredient.[3][4] Mogi was appointed President and CEO of Kikkoman in 1995.[3] He previously served as President of Kikkoman.[5]