Yvon Krevé

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Yvon Krevé
Birth name Henry Green-Dupré
Also known as Von Von le Vet
Origin Canada
Genres Hip hop
Associated acts Sans Pression

Henry Green-Dupré known by his stage names of Yvon Krevé and Von Von le Vet, is a French Canadian hip hop artist of Haitian origin.[1][2] Krevé was rose to notice following collaborations with the duo Sans Pression.[3] His 2000 debut, L'accent grave, topped the Quebec sales charts and was nominated for an ADISQ hip-hop award in 2001, and won best francophone album at the Canadian Music Awards.[4] and in 2009 was described in the newspaper La Presse as one of the five albums that had defined Quebec rap.[3] A single from that album, "Yvon Krevé", reached number one on the countdown programme for Canada's leading francophone music video channel (Décompte MusiquePlus).[4]

The name is a play on words: while Yvon is a not-uncommon first name, it matches the informal Quebec French pronunciation of ils vont (they will). Thus the full name sounds like ils vont crever, or "they're gonna die".


  • 6 June 2000: L'accent grave
  • 18 March 2003: Quand j'rap pas
  • 25 October 2005: Von Von Le vet

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