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ZG, Zg, or zg may refer to:

Arts and entertainment:

  • Z-G, a collectible action figure game
  • ZOEgirl, a pop rock band


  • Aspen and Pitkin County, Colorado (former vehicle plate code ZG)
  • Zagreb, the capital and the largest city of Croatia
  • Zigong, in Sichuan province of China
  • Canton of Zug, one of the 26 cantons of Switzerland

Other uses:

  • Viva Macau (IATA airline code ZG)
  • Zeptogram (written zg, with lower case "z"), an SI unit of mass (equal to 10−21 g) [1]
  • Zettagram (written Zg, with capital "Z"), an SI unit of mass (equal to 1021 g)