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ZR Speaker Lab
Industry Hi-End Hand-Made audio
Founded 1983
Headquarters Slovenia, Europe
Area served
Key people
Zvone Raspor
Products Hi-End, Hand-Made speakers and drivers
Website www.zr-speakerlab.si
A few of ZR Speaker Lab Hand-Made products
Zvone Raspor, the founder of ZR Speaker Lab, holding one of his products

ZR Speaker Lab is a small company based in Slovenia, Europe. It is specialized in production of only high-end, handmade speakers and audio devices. The production is limited.


The company was founded in 1983 by Zvone Raspor. He has more than 30 years of experience in audio field. Besides being a speaker constructor and designer, Zvone is also an artist.[1]

Philosophy and availability[edit]

The philosophy of the firm is to implement the knowledge gained from the arts into the science of speakers. ZR Speaker Lab products are currently distributed in many countries worldwide, including Canada, the United States of America,[2] Thailand, South Korea, Indonesia and Japan.

Cooperation with Ground Zero Audio[edit]

Since 2007, ZR Speaker Lab has been cooperating with Ground Zero. Four speakers in Plutonium-Reference line were developed, which are Plutonium GZPW Reference 18, Plutonium GZPM Reference 100, Plutonium GZPK Reference 180 and Plutonium GZPT Reference 25.[3]


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