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Zabibe (also transliterated Zabibi, Zabiba, Zabibah) was a queen of Qedar who reigned for five years between 738 and 733 BC. She was a vassal of Tiglath-Pileser III, king of Assyria, and is mentioned in the Annals of Tiglath-Pileser III among a list of monarchs who paid tribute to the king in 738 BC.[1] The title accorded her is queen of the Aribi (Arabs).[2] Israel Eph'al argues that, until the time of Assurbanipal, the title "queen of the Arabs" in Assyrian manuscripts was a general one accorded to leaders of the nomadic tribes of the Syrian desert.[2] So, he infers that Zabibe would have been properly titled "queen of the Qidri" (Qedarites). Zabībah is an ancient Arabic name, likely derived from zabīb, meaning "raisin".[3] She was succeeded by another queen, Samsi, who also reigned for five years.


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