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Zak Baney (real name Ralph Baney) started a new genre of techno music in 1987 called acid breaks using various synthesizers. Combining Chicago's acid sound with Florida's breakbeat, it was a completely different sound.

It was not his original intention to invent a new style of music - he simply just wanted something different at that time. Not knowing he would be sought after and put in the spot light, Zak Baney used many aliases and put out a string of white labels, not caring to make money or fame, he was strictly in it for the love of the music.

After taking a little break and then changing styles of music, Baney again found himself in the spotlight as the Miami bass scene was just starting. Zak Baney started making bass frequency tapes for his friends who were doing car bass competitions. Soon after, almost every other car in the bass competitions was using Zak's bass frequency tapes or CDs.

Zak also had the ear of some in the mainstream media, as he was asked to do soundtracks for multiple shows on channels such as The Discovery Channel.

Before moving to Japan, Zak had showed some of his mixing skills as well at various clubs in the Tampa Bay area. He helped open up the popular Ybor City club Prana, mixing for some of the first goers of the club.

During this time Baney stayed busy with his music signing onto Chicago's rhythm style label, FFRR, and Frankie Bones' label, Nu Futura. He then started his own labels called Dubtone Records and Locked Groove Records.

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