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Zapadnaya Litsa (Russian: Западная Лица) is the largest and most important Russian naval base built for the Northern Fleet. The base is located far in the north of Russia, on the Litsa Fjord at the westernmost point of the Kola Peninsula. It is about 45 kilometers from the Norwegian border.

Geographical coordinates:69°25′N 32°26′E / 69.417°N 32.433°E / 69.417; 32.433

The Zapadnaya Litsa Naval Base includes four naval facilities: Malaya Lopatka was the first built and the home port of the later famous Soviet submarine K-3. Others are Andreyeva Bay, Bolshaya Lopatka, and Nerpichya.

In 1958 a settlement was formed close to the first naval base, which was called Zaozerny village. Zaozersk was kept secret and had several different names. It is situated 120 kilometers from Murmansk. A severe climate with changeable temperatures and strong winds, and a long polar night in winter (about 43 days), make it an inhospitable place. Numerous rivers, streams and lakes, rocky ground and swamps help characterize this remote and inhospitable area.

Today, much of the Zapanaya Litsa region is a cause of serious concern due to its widespread radioactive waste deposits.

World War II[edit]

In the beginning of World War II Zapadnaya Litsa was used as a naval base for German ships under the name Basis Nord as a result of Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact.[1]

Use in other media[edit]

Zapadnaya Litsa was used as a location setting for the Russia episode of video game, Tomb Raider Chronicles.[2]


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