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Zdravko Mamić (born 16 July 1959 in Bjelovar, PR Croatia, FPR Yugoslavia) is a Croatian football administrator and football manager. From 2003 to 2016, Mamić was the executive director of the Croatian football club Dinamo Zagreb, and after resigning, he is now an advisor.


Born in a family of Herzegovinian Croats (both his parents were born and raised within Tomislavgrad municipality: father in Zidine village and mother in Bukova Gora village) that moved from PR Bosnia-Herzegovina to PR Croatia in 1956 in search of work, Mamić has two siblings: older brother Stojko (born 1957) and younger brother Zoran (1971).

Early beginnings[edit]

In the 1970s Zdravko Mamić with his two brothers (older Stojan and younger Zoran) moved from Bjelovar to the Zagreb suburb of Sesvete while their father was off working in West Germany as part of the gastarbeiter programme. Mamić's first direct contact with Dinamo was through Bad Blue Boys, Dinamo's ultras supporters group. Maybe the most important year in Mamić's life is 1980 when Dinamo's coach became Miroslav Blažević whom Mamić soon befriended and made his way into Dinamo. On February 2016, he resigned as executive director, but returned as an advisor.


Mamić has become well known for his hostile behaviour towards (some) journalists, threatening with violence and/or making vulgar comments about them and their profession.[1][2][3][4] In December 2011, a small group of Bad Blue Boys entered a press conference, confronting Mamić with his 'mismanagement of Dinamo Zagreb'.[5][6] While in function as the chairman of Dinamo, Mamić has been detained by police.[7] Since his reign at Dinamo Zagreb began in 2003, 15 different head coaches have been in charge. On March 15, 2013 he was arrested after verbal attack on Croatian Minister of Sports, Science and Education Željko Jovanović on a radio show.

During the Croatian War of Independence, Zdravko Mamić participated in the privatisation of Česma Wood Industry from Bjelovar.[8] In 2000 it was determined that the suspicious operations in the company caused 14 million HRK damage to the State budget,[9] while the number of workers was halved.[10]

On 18 November 2015, Zdravko Mamić along with five other people was arrested over transfer irregularities. He is suspected of tax evasion and bribery.[11]


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