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Zed is the pronunciation of the letter Z in Commonwealth English ("zee" in American English).

Zed or ZED may also refer to:




  • Zed (band), a pop-rock group from New Zealand
  • Zed Radio, radio station in Zaporizhia, Ukraine
  • Zeds Dead, an electronic music duo from Toronto

Other entertainment[edit]

  • Zed (Cirque du Soleil), a Cirque du Soleil production in Japan
  • Zed Group, a Spanish company that markets entertainment products to the mobile phone industry
  • Zed Books, an independent academic publishing company based in London
  • ZeD, a Canadian variety television series
  • Zed Plus, a 2014 Bollywood drama film directed by Chandraprakash Dwivedi


  • Zed Bias, UK Garage producer
  • Zed Shaw, US computer programmer
  • David Zed (aka Mr. Zed), comedian and singer
  • Paul Zed (born 1956), former Liberal member of the Parliament of Canada
  • Gordon Penrose (aka Dr. Zed, born 1925), Canadian science educator

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