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Zen is a school of Mahāyāna Buddhism notable for its emphasis on practice and experiential wisdom.

Zen may also refer to:


  • ZEN (Palermo), short for Zona Espansione Nord, a quarter in Palermo


  • Zen Gesner (born 1970), an American television and movie actor
  • Zen Kajihara (born 1966), a Japanese theatre actor
  • Zen Luzniak, a U.S. soccer defender
  • Zen Paradox, an electronic music artist, primarily techno/experimental, from Melbourne, Australia
  • Aurelio Zen, a fictional detective
  • Joseph Zen, SDB (born 1932), a Chinese Cardinal of the Catholic Church, the sixth Bishop of Hong Kong
  • Lezley Zen (born 1974), an American pornstar hailing from Charleston, South Carolina
  • Reniero Zeno (died 1268), also known as Renier Zen, the 45th Doge of Venice

Art, entertainment, and media[edit]

Fictitious entities[edit]

Films and television[edit]

  • Zen (2009 film), a fictional biography of Zen master Dogen
  • Zen (2007 film), a drama film written and directed by Gary Davis
  • Zen Noir, a 2006 surrealist Buddhist murder mystery by independent filmmaker Marc Rosenbush
  • Zen (TV series), a 2011 TV drama series based on the Aurelio Zen novels by Michael Dibdin




  • Zen (Chinese band), a Chinese rock band
  • Zen (Dutch band), a Dutch rock band founded by Siegfried 'Siebe' de Jong and Dirk van der Ploeg
  • Zen Alligators, a short-lived rhythm and blues band that arose out of the ashes of Horslips
  • Zen Café, a Finnish rock band that was founded in Turku in 1992
  • Zen Guerrilla, a rock band originally from Newark, Delaware and currently from San Francisco, California
  • Zen Tricksters, an American Grateful Dead cover band



  • Zen Habits, simplicity blog with more than 130,000 subscribers

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Computing and technology[edit]

Enterprises and organizations[edit]

  • ZEN (department store), an upmarket Thai department store chain owned by Central Group
  • Zen 49, a group of German artists who came together in Munich in July 1949
  • Zen Internet, an Internet service provider based in Rochdale, England
  • Zen Studios (formerly Rubik Interactive), a Hungarian software development company based in Budapest
  • Zen-Noh, National Federation of Agricultural Co-operative Associations in Japan
  • Zen-On Music Company Ltd, a music publishing company based in Shinjuku, Tokyo, in Japan.

Transportation and vehicles[edit]

  • Maruti Zen, a car sold in the Indian market by Maruti Suzuki
  • ZENN, an electric vehicle

Other uses[edit]

  • Zen, collateral form of Zeus

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