Zero Focus

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Zero Focus
Zero Focus - DVD Cover.jpg
DVD Cover
Directed by Yoshitaro Nomura
Produced by Shiro Kido
Written by Shinobu Hashimoto
Yoji Yamada
Seicho Matsumoto (novel)
Starring Yoshiko Kuga
Music by Yasushi Akutagawa
Cinematography Takashi Kawamata
Release date
  • March 19, 1961 (1961-03-19)
Running time
95 minutes
Country Japan
Language Japanese

Zero Focus (ゼロの焦点, Zero no shōten) is a 1961 Japanese mystery film directed by Yoshitaro Nomura and is based on a novel by Seicho Matsumoto.


One week into newlywed Teiko Uhara's marriage, her husband, Kenichi, leaves on a short business trip and doesn't return. Teiko travels across Japan to search for him, and along the way discovers some surprising facts about her husband's past. With only a pair of old photographs among his belongings to go off of, Teiko tries to figure out what has happened to him.




A remake directed by Inudō Isshin with Ryōko Hirosue as Teiko Uhara was released in 2009.


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