Zettai Heiwa Daisakusen

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Zettai Heiwa Daisakusen
Genre Romance, Comedy, Fantasy
Written by Akane Ogura
Published by Hakusensha
Demographic Shōjo
Magazine LaLa DX
Original run September 2007October 2010
Volumes 4
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Zettai Heiwa Daisakusen (絶対平和大作戦, The Absolute Strategy of Peace) is a Japanese shōjo manga written and illustrated by Akane Ogura.

The series premiered in the September 2007 issue of Hakusensha's bi-monthly shōjo manga magazine, LaLa DX. Chapters are collected and published in collected volumes by Hakusensha under the Hana to Yume Comics label. The series currently has two volumes released in Japan.[1] The series is licensed in Taiwan by Sharp Point Press.[2]


At a certain place, two countries are engaging in battle at their country's border. The long-lasting war became unbearable and so Prince Johanne of Meteora from the North and Princess Euda of Canan from the South appeared before their parents and citizens and announced that they were in love with each other.

The two Kings of the two countries, being doting fathers, were against the idea at first but, gave in and stopped the war to approve of their relationship. Peace was then declared, and the Prince and Princess were happily engaged with blessings from everyone.

Despite the differences of the two nations, the Prince and Princess set up their residence at the border of the two countries and live happily ever after.


Princess Euda[edit]

Yūda (ユーダ)

Euda Amarna el Cannan is 17 years old as well as being the youngest child and the only daughter of the King of Canaan, the Country of Deserts in the South. She has black hair as well as red/brown eyes. She is considered petite since she is only 1.56 m in height.

She helps to heal war victims and is revered as the Holy Maiden. She dislikes war and violence and disapproves of any fighting. Euda became engaged to Prince Johanne of Meteora, her country's enemy, in want of stopping the dreaded war that left so many of her citizens wounded or dead. However, she and Prince Johanne's relationship was nothing more than a lie for the reason of peace between the two countries.

At first, she shows complete hatred to Johanne because he was the one that leads his armies into killing many of her citizens. She would not let him touch her and would only act like they were a couple when they were in the presence of the palace subjects and the media.

As the story progresses, Euda found that she has to constantly remind herself that it's not because she loves Johanne that she stays by his side, and it became evident by the end of chapter 4 that she harbours deep feelings for him. Euda often states that she hates Johanne and would attack and run away from him like a child, but in truth, it was because she was confused about her feelings for him since she had led a sheltered life in her country.

Her two eldest brothers, Ishmael and Zacarias, came to visit her in to fully approve of her engagement to Johanne.

She is still in training to be a doctor and offers free medical check-ups to the citizens of both countries even though only citizens from her country comes.

In chapter 19 she and Prince Johanne finally got married and had a 6 months old son.

Prince Johanne[edit]

Yohane (ヨハネ)

Johanne du Meteora is 19 years old and is the second prince of Meteora, the Country of Forests and Lakes. He has platinum/blonde hair as well as blue eyes. He is the young commander of his country's army who managed to turn the tables in the war against Canan. His people extol him as a hero.

Johanne is the fiancé of Princess Euda of the South, but unlike Euda who only agreed on their engagement so the war would stop, Johanne had loved Euda from the very beginning.

During one moment, when he was fooling around during the war, he saw Euda on the television when she was nursing a war victim. He continued to see her many times and noticed that she always looked very sad. Euda's feelings have somehow caught his attention.

Johanne doesn't give much priority to the war, but he feels calm when being on the battlefield. He thought giving Euda peace between both countries by stopping the war could give him a smile from her.

However, his courtship didn't start off well as he always manages to make Euda angry, but on countless occasions, he had saved Euda from near death experiences with him putting his life on the line and has started to gain her liking.

During there time became one of the wealthiest men in the world self made by modernizing infrastructure which made his at least 25 billion in monnies

During Euda's brothers' visit, a commotion broke out between the citizens of the two countries, and Johanne decided to settle things by having a match with Prince Ishmael. Euda didn't approve of the fight at all and threw herself into their midst when Johanne got wounded. The battle ended up with a tie and peace was regained among the citizens. Prince Zacarias later comments that although Johanne hates to abandon his victory, he had been happy with the draw as Euda's wish was more important to him.

He receives his first voluntary hug and confession from Euda at the end of chapter 4.

In Chapter 15 he proposed to Euda.

Given kingship and governorship to judisha for giving up the kaisership a kingdom shared by both former warring imperial powers or empires.

Prince Joshua[edit]

Older brother of Prince Johanne and the heir to the throne. Though he is the crowned prince he has a bad health that made most people consider Prince Johanne to be king. He harbors jealousy towards his younger brother. That made him make an alliance with Caspal to destroy the image of Prince Johanne.

In chapter 14, he tried to make a scandal out of Euda but Prince Johanne managed to destroy the film and his confrontation with Prince Joshua left the older prince threatened.

In chapter 15, he overheard his father, the king, discussing that it would be better to make Prince Johanne crown prince rather than Prince Joshua, which pushed him to continue the plan to destroy the reputation of his younger brother.

In chapter 19, he confessed being the ringleader of the plot behind the execution of Prince Johanne and his punishment was that he was denied the right of succession to the throne and he was sent to live on an island. It is also revealed that his attendant (whose name is revealed to be Anna) is also his wife.


Jīberu (ジーベル)

Zeybel is Johanne's secretary. He was one of the first offenders who try to break Johanne and Euda apart so the war would continue.

He does this by winning Euda's favour through his charm and has managed to stir Johanne's jealousy and dislike towards him. She showed her first sign of liking towards Johanne after Zeybel's failure to continue the war.

Prince Ishmael[edit]

Ishmael is the first prince of Canan as well being Euda's oldest halfbrother. He is the first son of the first wife as well as the commander of his country's army chief of staff on his merit alone He along with his brother Zacharias are married each have children two daughters and two sons his wife is a selfmade multi billionaire like his brother of what was formally very low class aka what some would call peasant background and not know who he was when they got married she was starting to get wealthy at shocking rate and only told her after she had their fraternal twins because his dad the sultan wanted to see them she had suspicions on her husband being of royal birth who wanted to protect her from minority of horrible headmen whose rights they just mostly abolish when formed they formed a parliament by his father with the agreement of most the headmen .He lives in his nice own large upper middle class on her parents land given to them during her father in law reforms house which he bought with his wife and not the palace which they got after being promoted to major general gave birth after he became chief of staff.

His wife rarely visits the palace because dispirited being treated with respect and admired on her own selfmadeness but she the respected her wishes of just feeling out of place. Her parents treat him as a normal person because they knew before her and he likes being treated like a normal person and love his because he treats them as equals and they can treat like an equal does farm work with them with his children when they have time.

He fights Johanne during the commotion between the Northern and Southern citizens which ended with a draw as well as wounding Johanne with him breaking his sword in half.

He is very protective of Euda as well as her other brother. Ishmael and Zacarias thought that Johanne has found a weak point in Euda and has forced her to marry him but this was not true.

Prince Zacarias[edit]

Zacarias is the 4th prince of Canan as well as Euda's fourth eldest halfbrother. He is the first son of the second wife and is the second-in-command of his country's army. Like his brother, he is married and has two daughters and two sons.

He, along with Ishmael are caring brothers to Euda, . Like Ishmael, he is also very protective of her.

Kaiser of Meteora[edit]

Great great great grandfather was the first kaiser the military general who won them military war with his chancellor who was their Otto von Bismarck their political mastermind. Great grandfather was like real world willhim accept he won the World War I and very generous to annexing countries because he was view as unstable mentally for his outside beliefs mainstream beliefs. The current kaiser of meteora was never intended or prepared or trained to take the throne as he was the youngest behind four brothers as result given a duke minor title by parliament and allowed to marry who he wanted by parliament but his parents somewhat disapproving a commoner of working-class background became professor at a young age got free college because of her bright mind family is still close to her working-class family which are know wealthy blue collar business people.met his wife at a convention won a lot of highest honors of metoria on the battlefield more than once he became kaiser after everyone ahead of him died in a terrorist attack a few months after his wife gave birth to their first child he still Moraning about his family and describes the incident as waking to a coup and when his wife was not given any royal title even by his father advisors just lady hell had no furry but after Johanne was born. he got parliament to change a lot of laws he was seriously mad but not his usually comically mad. he demolish majority of all of his native local king ships and gave the granduke titles and gave him self a seniority title who all opposed his marriage and kingships where know only to be given to the kaisers and added to the kaisers family and noble privileges revoked House of Lords made the lower house with almost impossible power they still had was veto but made almost impossible and all had attended his wife crowning ceremony and had homage while booed at.opposes his son engagement comically but he approves of it throw.

Kaiserian of metoria[edit]

Comment working background and secretory of education likes not sitting on a throne so she can scolded her husband when he gets comically mad and impolite

Thomas Caspel[edit]

Caspel is a prominent businessman in Meteora. He was the second main offender in trying to separate Johanne and Euda to continue to war after Johanne's secretary, Zeybel.


Isabelle is Thomas Caspel's business partner who pretends to be his daughter in order to get close to the Johanne. Her closeness with Johanne has started rumours among citizens and stirred jealousy within Euda. Johanne showed no interest towards her since he knew she was the enemy from the start.

Johanne Euda's guards[edit]

Two of head guards his adjutants and friends from military academy the other one was a general who is special forces who fought his way from the bottom was up to the rank and is brilliant arms designer became a multi billionaire are for designing the current assault rifle for both countries because it can use multiple types of ammunition and had multiple modes and use multiple modes on the battlefield be everything and one became one of the most highly decorated soldiers soldier in the military won highest honor of the country more than once. Thomas Casper became mad at him for making him pay a lot of money to him.




Prince Johanne's country. The country is also known as the Country of Forests and Lakes in the North. This country symbolises Western life and is a fairly modern society.

Since Euda is marrying into Johanne's family, the setting of the manga takes place in a European style palace. Johanne, his men and the palace servants are mainly seen wearing official Western army uniforms and maid uniforms. The party shown in chapter 4, Johanne and all those attending the party are wearing modern suits and dresses.

More modern weapons like guns and cannons are used by this country during the war and it differs from Canan in terms of technology.


Kanan (カナン)

Princess Euda's country. The country is known as the Country of Deserts in the South. This country takes on a representation of an Arab society.

In Canan, polygamy was allowed and because of this Euda has twelve halfbrothers from her father's four different wives.

Throughout the manga, Euda was always seen wearing an Arabian cloak with a hood in public. When she is sulking in her room, she takes off the cloak and reveals some kind of dress underneath and shows a considerable amount of skin.

Euda brought a few maids with her from Canan and they are always seen dressed similarly to her without the fine jewellery. When Euda attends the party in chapter 4, her dress shows a mix between western and Arabian fashion.

Canan is a relatively less developed country, with only swords and more primitive guns and tanks as weapons during the war.


The manga was first published in the September 2007 issue of Hakusensha's bi-monthly shōjo manga magazine, LaLa DX.[3] The volumes were published under Hakusensha's shōjo manga label, Hana to Yume Comics.[1]

The first volume of the series was published on August 5, 2008 and the ISBN number is ISBN 978-4-592-18412-6.[4] The second volume was released on June 5, 2009 and it carries the ISBN number of ISBN 978-4-592-18413-3.[5] Both volumes feature Johanne and Euda.[4][5]


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