Zhang Rang

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Zhang Rang
Traditional Chinese 張讓
Simplified Chinese 张让

Zhang Rang (pinyin: Zhāng Ràng) (135–189) was a eunuch of the late Han Dynasty, who served Emperor Ling of Han; he was also the leader of the Ten regular attendants (Also known as the Ten Eunuchs), a group of court eunuchs who held great influence in the Han imperial court. Such was Zhang Rang's power that Emperor Ling referred to him as 'father(阿父)' and allowed him control of most matters in court. The people and the officials, including He Jin, Yuan Shao and Cao Cao, all agreed that Zhang Rang's power was too great. After Emperor Ling died and was succeeded by his son Liu Bian in 189, these individuals invaded the capital for the purpose of defeating the Ten Attendants, leading to He Jin's beheading in the palace courtyard by the Ten Attendants. Zhang kidnapped the emperor and his brother, the future Emperor Xian. However, Zhang was soon surrounded by enemy soldiers and so jumped in the river and drowned himself.


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