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Zlata Bartl

Zlata Bartl (20 February 1920 – 30 July 2008) was a Bosnian Croat scientist and is the creator of Vegeta.[1]

She was born in Dolac, Kingdom of Yugoslavia (which is in present-day Bosnia and Herzegovina) and died in Koprivnica, Croatia.

Bartl finished school in Sarajevo and went to Zagreb to study natural sciences, engineering, medicine and health, biotechnical sciences, social sciences, and humanities.[clarification needed]

In 1955 she began working as a chemical technician in Podravka, Croatia.[1] It was there in 1959 that she created Vegeta, which would become one of the most popular Croatian brands. She has since then received numerous recognitions and awards, including the Order of Danica Hrvatska.

There is a scholarship foundation set up in her name for graduate students studying science in Zagreb.[2]


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