Zlatnite Mostove

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Coordinates: 42°36′33″N 23°14′26″E / 42.60917°N 23.24056°E / 42.60917; 23.24056

Zlatnite Mostove Stone River in the winter, Vitosha Mountain, Bulgaria.

Zlatnite Mostove (Bulgarian: Златните мостове, ‘Golden Bridges’) is the largest stone river on Vitosha Mountain, Bulgaria. The feature is situated in the valley of Vladayska River, extending 2.2 km, and up to 150 m wide, with several ‘tributary’ stone rivers. The stone river is ‘descending’ from elevation 1800 m above sea level in Boeritsa Chalet area to 1410 m at Zlatnite Mostove site. The lower extremity of the stone river is known as Zlatnite Mostove site, a popular tourist destination accessible from Sofia by road.[1][2]

The name ‘Golden Bridges’ derives from the golden colour of the lichens growing on the surface of stone run boulders.

Popular culture[edit]

"Златните Мостове" is a short psychothriller film named after the location where the act takes place. In the movie "Zlatnite Mostove" refers metaphorically to the heroine's own self i.e. there are no real bridges made of gold.

These Golden Bridges features in the film The Contract (2006 film) starring Morgan Freeman and John Cusack.

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