Zlatnite Mostove

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Coordinates: 42°36′33″N 23°14′26″E / 42.60917°N 23.24056°E / 42.60917; 23.24056

Zlatnite Mostove Stone River in the winter, Vitosha Mountain, Bulgaria.

Zlatnite Mostove (Bulgarian: Златните мостове, ‘Golden Bridges’) is the largest stone river on Vitosha Mountain, Bulgaria. The feature is situated in the valley of Vladayska River, extending 2.2 km, and up to 150 m wide, with several ‘tributary’ stone rivers. The stone river is ‘descending’ from elevation 1800 m above sea level in Boeritsa Chalet area to 1410 m at Zlatnite Mostove site. The lower extremity of the stone river is known as Zlatnite Mostove site, a popular tourist destination accessible from Sofia by road.[1][2]

The name ‘Golden Bridges’ derives from the golden colour of the lichens growing on the surface of stone run boulders.

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