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The Zombeatles are a zombie parody version of the rock group The Beatles. Stemming from Madison, Wisconsin band The Gomers, the group's 2006 video Hard Day's Night Of The Living Dead gained international status when horror film director and musician Rob Zombie chose it as one of his top YouTube Halloween video picks of 2007,[1] resulting in over a million views worldwide.[2]

In 2009 they released an album called Meat the Zombeatles and a mockumentary called The Zombeatles: All You Need Is Brains as well as touring New Jersey[3] and appearing with John Wesley Harding and Eugene Mirman in their Cabinet Of Wonders Variety Show in April.[4]

Revealed in the Behind the Music-like [5] mockumentary[6] are historical references to a past zombie apocalypse; however, in the Zombeatles version a complete and parallel zombie universe is proposed via The Fab Gore, the Dead Sullivan Show, The Rolling Kidney Stones, The ZomMonkees, the Dead Clark Five, The ZomZombies, Boo Marley, Elvis Grisly, Dead Zeppelin, the Beach Boils, and appearances by Ewwyoko Ohno, the ZomRutles,[7] Fester Fangs, Bob Killin, etc.[8]

The band[edit]

The Zombeatles members are:


Other appearances in the film[edit]


  • Meat The Zombeatles, 2009 Beeftone Records
  • All You Need Is Brains DVD, 2009 MacAbre Pictures

The Zombeatles Meat The Zombeatles[edit]

"The Zombeatles 'Meat The Zombeatles'" first printing (2009) Beeftone Records (U.S.)

  1. "Halp! (styled after Help!)"
  2. "Ate Brains A Week (styled after Eight Days a Week)"
  3. "Brain (styled after Rain)"
  4. "I Wanna Eat Your Hand (styled after I Want to Hold Your Hand)"
  5. "She Dead (styled after She Said She Said)"
  6. "I'm Eating Through You (styled after I'm Looking Through You)"
  7. "Dead Prudence (styled after Dear Prudence)"
  8. "Hey Food (styled after Hey Jude)"


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