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For the LucasArts video game, see Zombies Ate My Neighbors.
Zombies!!! logo
Developer(s) Babaroga
Publisher(s) Twilight Creations Inc.
Platform(s) Xbox 360 (XBLA), Windows Phone 7, Windows 8, iOS, Android
Release Windows Phone 7
  • NA: 12 January 2011
  • NA: Canceled
Windows 8
  • NA: 1 March 2013
Genre(s) Turn-based strategy
Mode(s) Single-player, Multiplayer

Zombies is a video game adaptation of the popular tile-based board game by Twilight Creations Inc, publisher of the original game. The game was initially to be developed by Big Rooster for PlayStation Network, Xbox Live Arcade and Windows PCs through Steam,[1][2] with possible versions for the Wii and the Nintendo DS.[2] However, only Xbox Live Arcade and Windows Phone 7 versions have been confirmed after development of the game was resumed by Babaroga.[3] The Xbox Live Arcade version has never been released.

Game play[edit]

The game play of Zombies is closely modeled on the original board game. Players move their "shotgun guy" (player piece) around the board trying to reach the helipad tile to escape the ever-growing zombie horde. Alternately, players can win the game by killing 25 zombies.

The Windows Phone 7 version of Zombies uses the touchscreen of the device for all control input. For example, players tap a die graphic to roll for character movement, zombie movement, and combat. Players can use touchscreen gestures to zoom in and out of the board as well as scroll to view different areas of the board.

The initial Windows Phone 7 release of Zombies supports single player as well as multi-player game play on one device. Human players can play against up to four CPU or human opponents in a "pass and play" game. In this style of play, Player 1 takes their turn, then passes the device to Player 2, who takes their turn and passes to Player 3, etc. According to developer Babaroga, on-line multiplayer for Zombies is in development for a future update to the game which may also include play "across multiple hardware setups."[4]

Single-player game play in Zombies is a "Survival Mode" in which the "shotgun guy" is placed in a randomly generated town full of zombies. The player must move their "shotgun guy" to the helipad tile (as in a standard multi-player game) or kill all the zombies in the town in order to win the game.


Development of Zombies by Big Rooster was originally announced in October 2008.[2]

In October 2009, videogame news site Joystiq reported that Twilight Creations was looking for another company to develop the game, but could not "disclose the status of [former developer] Big Rooster."[5]

No further word on the game appeared until Microsoft announced a list of Xbox Live-compatible titles for their Windows Phone 7 platform at Gamescom 2010.[6] Developed by Babaroga, the Windows Phone 7 version of Zombies was released on 12 January 2011.[7] A version of the game for Xbox Live Arcade has been confirmed and is in active development.[8]


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