Zu Warriors from the Magic Mountain

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This article is about the 1983 film. For the 2001 film, see The Legend of Zu.
Zu Warriors from the Magic Mountain
Film poster
Traditional 新蜀山劍俠
Simplified 新蜀山剑侠
Mandarin Xīn Shǔ Shān Jiàn Xiá
Cantonese San1 Suk6 Saan1 Gim3 Hap6
Directed by Tsui Hark
Produced by Raymond Chow
Written by Shui Chung-yuet
Sze-to Cheuk-hon
Starring Sammo Hung
Yuen Biao
Adam Cheng
Mang Hoi
Moon Lee
Brigitte Lin
Damian Lau
Music by Kwan Sing-yau
Tang Siu-lam
Cinematography Bill Wong
Edited by Peter Cheung
Paragon Films Ltd.
Distributed by Golden Harvest
Release dates
  • 5 February 1983 (1983-02-05)
Running time
98 minutes
Country Hong Kong
Language Cantonese
Box office HK$15,872,222

Zu Warriors from the Magic Mountain is a 1983 Hong Kong supernatural fantasy film directed by Tsui Hark, who attempts to combine Hong Kong action cinema with Western special effects technology. The film was nominated for five Hong Kong Film Awards in 1984 (Best Action Choreography - Corey Yuen, Best Actress - Brigitte Lin, Best Art Direction - William Chang, Best Film Editing - Peter Cheung and Best Picture).


  • Sammo Hung as Chang Mei / Red Army soldier
  • Yuen Biao as Di Ming Qi / Dik Ming Kei
  • Adam Cheng as Ding Yin / Ding Yan
  • Mang Hoi as Yi Zhen / Yat Jan
  • Moon Lee as one of the Ice Queen's guards
  • Brigitte Lin as Ice Queen
  • Damian Lau as Xiao Ru
  • Norman Chu as Heaven's Blade
  • Corey Yuen as Devil Disciple Leader
  • Chung Faat as Blue Commander
  • Dick Wei as Blue Commander
  • Ha Kwong-li as Ji Wu Shuang / Chi Wu Chuang
  • Ka Lee as Orange Army soldier
  • Fung Hak-on as Devil Disciple Leader
  • Yuen Miu as Orange Army soldier
  • Sai Gwa-pau as boatman
  • Judy Ongg as Lady Li I-Chi
  • Tsui Hark as Blue Army soldier

DVD release[edit]

The U.K. release of the DVD by Hong Kong Legends features an audio commentary with Tsui Hark and film critic Bey Logan.

Box office[edit]

The film grossed HK$15,872,222 at the Hong Kong box office.


American filmmaker John Carpenter has stated that Zu Warriors from the Magic Mountain was an influence on his 1986 film Big Trouble in Little China.[1]


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