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Shahzadi of the Mughal Empire
Born2 September 1651
Multan, Pakistan
Died17 February 1707(1707-02-17) (aged 55)
Delhi, India
SpouseSipihr Shikoh
IssueShahzada Ali Tabar
MotherDilras Banu Begum

Shahzadi Zubdat-un-Nissa Begum (2 September 1651 – 17 February 1707) was a Mughal princess and the third daughter of Emperor Aurangzeb and his Empress consort Dilras Banu Begum.

She married her first cousin, Prince Sipihr Shikoh on 30 January, 1673, he was the third son of her paternal uncle, Crown Prince Dara Shikoh and her aunt Nadira Banu Begum.[1] In 1676, Zubdat gave birth to a son, Shahzada Ali Tabar, who died within six months of his birth.[2]



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