Sipihr Shikoh

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Sipihr Shikoh سِپہر شِکوہ
Shahzada of the Mughal Empire
Dara Sjecour and his son (Sepe Sjecour).jpg
Dara Shikoh and Sipihr Shikoh
Born 13 October 1644
Agra, India
Died 2 or 3 July 1708(1708-07-03) (aged 63)
Delhi, India
Burial Ahmedabad
Spouse Zubdat-un-Nissa Begum
Kashmiri Bibi Taj
Registani Begum
Full name
Shazada Muhammad Sipihr Shikoh Mirza
House Timurid
Father Dara Shikoh
Mother Nadira Banu Begum
Religion Islam

Sipihr Shikoh (Urdu: سِپہر شِکوہ ‎), (13 October 1644 – 2 or 3 July 1708[1]) also known as Sipihr Shukoh, was a Mughal prince as the fourth son of Crown Prince Dara Shikoh and his consort Nadira Banu Begum.


He was also the grandson of the fifth Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan as well as the nephew and son-in-law of the sixth Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb.

He was captured and imprisoned by Malik Jiwan, 9 June 1659, brought to Delhi and paraded through the streets in chains, then imprisoned at Gwalior Fort, until 1675.

9 February 1673, He married his first cousin, Princess Zubdat-un-Nissa, she was the daughter of his uncle, Emperor Aurangzeb and his aunt, Dilras Banu Begum.


He died in 1708, and his body was buried in Agra fort by Emperor Bahadur Shah



  • Governor of Odisha (1680–1696)
  • Qiledar of Red Fort (1701–1708)