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Central part of Zvenyhorodka
Central part of Zvenyhorodka
Coat of arms of Zvenyhorodka
Coat of arms
Zvenyhorodka is located in Cherkasy Oblast
Location of Zvenyhorodka
Coordinates: 49°4′11″N 30°58′4″E / 49.06972°N 30.96778°E / 49.06972; 30.96778Coordinates: 49°4′11″N 30°58′4″E / 49.06972°N 30.96778°E / 49.06972; 30.96778
Country Ukraine
Oblast Cherkasy Oblast
Raion Zvenyhorodka Raion
Established 1394
City rights 1938
 • Total 20.8 km2 (8.0 sq mi)
Population (2017)
 • Total 17 138
Postal code 20200-20207
Area code(s) +380 4740
Website www.zven.gov.ua

Zvenyhorodka (Ukrainian: Звенигородка, Ukrainian pronunciation: [zβeneɦoˈrɔtkɐ]; Polish: Zwinogródka; Russian: Звенигородка) is a city located in the Cherkasy Oblast (province) in central Ukraine on the river Hnylyi Tikych. The town is the administrative center of the Zvenyhorodka Raion (district). Population: 17,138 (2017 est.)[1]


Zvenyhorodka became part of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania in the beginning of the 15th century. It passed to the Crown of the Kingdom of Poland in 1569. In 1792 King Stanisław August Poniatowski granted Zwinogródka city rights. It was a royal city of Poland. In the next year it was annexed by Russia after the Second Partition of Poland. During the 19th century it had been part of the Russian Kiev Governorate. Around the turn to the 20th century the town had a train station, three Greek Orthodox churches and one Roman Catholic church.[2]

Number of inhabitants in years[edit]

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