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Z.Vex Effects is an effects pedal company based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Their name derives from the name of founder Zachary Vex who is a respected[1] innovator[2] in the business, and by some described as a "mad scientist".[3]


The company's most famous product is the Fuzz Factory. All of their pedals (except the budget-line Vextron series) are hand painted at their factory in Minnesota. All Vextron subassemblies are made in Taiwan, but the final assembly is completed in the United States.

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Other products[edit]

The company also manufactures a Probe line of effects (the Fuzz Probe, Wah Probe and Tremolo Probe) that are modified versions of other pedals the company makes. What makes this series of pedals unique is the copper plate, which has an antenna underneath it that senses how close your foot (or something else) is to the pedal, giving you the ability to manipulate an aspect of the pedal's sound. From the company's website:

"The probe circuit generates a small (one or two inches high) 'bubble' of RF energy at about a million cycles per second above the copper plate. As your foot or hand (or any wet or metallic object, for that matter) approaches the copper plate, the RF field is disturbed and the circuit reacts by increasing the brightness of an LED, which drives a photoresistive cell and controls the circuit."[1]


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