Afif-Abad Garden

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Coordinates: 29°37′23.38″N 52°29′54.1″E / 29.6231611°N 52.498361°E / 29.6231611; 52.498361

Afif-Abad Garden
باغ عفیف آباد
Royal Palace of Afif-Abad Garden in Shiraz, Persia, 2013.jpg
Royal Palace of Afif-Abad Garden
Established 1863
Location Shiraz, Iran
Type Persian Garden
Owner Persian Army

Afif-Abad Garden (Persian: باغ عفیف آباد‎; also known as Golshan Garden) is a museum complex in Shiraz, Iran.

Located in the affluent Afif-Abad district of Shiraz, the complex was constructed in 1863. It contains a former royal mansion, a historical weapons museum, and a Persian garden, all open to the public.


Afif Abad Garden is one of the oldest gardens in Shiraz.

During the Safavid Period, it was used as a palace by the Safavid Shahs.

The current main building was constructed by Mirza Ali Mohammadkhan Ghawam II (Persian: ميرزا علي محمدخان قوام الملك دوم‎) in 1863. He bought a nearby ghanat to water his garden. After his death, the garden was eventually inherited by Afife, thus being called Afif Abad.

In 1962, it was restored by the army. It is now functioning as a weapons museum.


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