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Alison Lauren DiLaurentis
Pretty Little Liars character
Sasha Pieterse as Alison DiLaurentis.
First appearance Novel:
Pretty Little Liars (2006)
(episode 1.01)[1]
Created by Sara Shepard
Portrayed by Sasha Pieterse
Ali D.
The Queen Bee
Vivian Darkbloom
Red Coat
Gender Female
High school student
Family Kenneth DiLaurentis
Jessica DiLaurentis
Jason DiLaurentis
Significant other(s) Ian Thomas
Ezra Fitz
Emily Fields
Relatives Grandma D.
Residence Rosewood, Pennsylvania

Alison Lauren DiLaurentis is a fictional character in the Pretty Little Liars book series by Sara Shepard, and in the ABC Family television series adaption. She is portrayed by Sasha Pieterse in the television series.

Throughout the first three seasons of the television series, Ali mostly appears in flash backs and hallucinations. The character of Ali plays a more prominent role in season 4.[2] Alison has an alter ego named "Vivian Darkbloom" whom she uses to spy on "A." She is now in hiding from A while trying to help the Liars.[3][4] Alison returns to Rosewood in Season 5, after the Liars believe Shana was "A".[5] In the summer finale, it is revealed that Alison lured Bethany Young to Rosewood because she found out about an affair between Mrs. DiLaurentis and Mr. Young.


The Hollywood Reporter noted that Sasha Pieterse along with Torrey DeVitto landed recurring roles in the pilot which The Alloy website later confirmed that Pieterse would be playing Alison DiLaurentis.[6]



Alison was the former "Queen Bee" of her clique and the most popular girl in school before her disappearance and death. Although she cared for her friends, she enjoyed using their strongest secrets against them to keep them together Charming and manipulative, Alison was skilled at finding ways to get back at everyone, and many people hated her.[7] She knew everybody's secrets, but since she's been gone her friends are beginning to realize they actually knew nothing deep about her.[7]

Though Alison had it all, she was easily scared of people who intimidated her. Her jealousy and need for power got the best of her and often caused her to act rude and selfish. Her nature helped her avenge at her enemies in big ways. Alison was vindictive and sneaky, often using other people as tools in her plots. Nobody told a lie better than Alison. She kept many secrets from her friends but never let them keep any from her. Alison often used her friend's secrets to keep them under control. She spun a web of lies so tangled that her friends were left to deal with "A" even after she was gone. Ali displays sociopathic qualities: controlling, paranoid, charming, seductive, dominant, incapable of remorse, and extremely intelligent. Though at times, Ali does seem to display real emotion. Ironically, the name Alison means "truth" in Irish. It also means "noble", everything Alison is not since she was a manipulative liar. Her surname DiLaurentis is anagram as 'Liars United'. the tagline for Season 4 (but actually the tagline is Liars Unite).

Sasha Pieterse confirmed that Alison's character and personality have drastically changed; Ali has to "figure out who she is. She's been hiding for so long, and she's a victim now".[8] "Alison's a totally different person, so to see the way they treat her is going to be very interesting and to see the way that she gets affected by it is also going to be very interesting," Pieterse says.[5] Marlen King I. confirmed that Alison is an "outsider" in her own group and that really is thematically; she also said "The girls are talking about something very light and simple and Alison can't relate to it because it's not the world she's been living in".[9]


In an effort to escape “A” for a little while, Alison headed to Hilton Head with Ian. But their weekend rendezvous was ruined when Melissa showed up, angry for Ian’s betrayal with Alison.[10] Overhearing Ian’s conversation and reconciliation with Melissa, Alison chose to escape through the balcony, but not before stealing some files off of Ian’s computer.[10] Besides a video of her, the Alis discovered a video labeled “Jenna & Toby.” “There's nothing wrong with us,” Jenna says in the video as she wraps her arms around Toby. “We’re not even related.” Before her disappearance Ali and Ian met up at the "Kissing Rock" in which she said, after hooking up with Ian, “This is just me killing time while I’m waiting for something better to come along … You and Melissa deserve each other. She’s such a bitch.” Alison threatens to send him to jail if he or Melissa doesn’t stop with the threatening messages, leaving Ian to stalk off.[10] Signing the end of the relationship.

Alison has been romantically linked with Ezra Fitz.[10] Ezra became fascinated with her after meeting her at a pub near Hollis, and while the pair didn’t have a sexual relationship, Ezra was set on writing a book about her.[10] On the night of her disappearance, Ezra pulled up unexpected, confronting her about her lies. Turns out Alison told him that she was a 21-year-old student at UPenn and roommates with CeCe. “God help me, Alison, I actually like you,” he told her. “I just don’t want to see you get hurt.”[10]

Rivalries and friendships[edit]

Alison is known for her rivalries with Jenna Marshall, Mona Vanderwaal, Toby Cavanaugh, Byron Montgomery, Melissa Hastings, Paige McCullers and often with friend Spencer Hastings.[11][12] Alison originally offered Jenna to become an member of her clique, but was rejected leading Alison and The Liars to blinding Jenna, which later became known as "The Jenna Thing".[11][13][12] Alison is known to be cruel as she bullied Mona Vanderwaal leading her to become obsessed with, stalked and cyberbullied Alison leading her to becoming "A".[1][12] Alison became enraged with Toby Cavanaugh when he kicked her out of his house leading Alison to blackmailing Toby to take the blame for "The Jenna Thing", though he would later thank her due to Jenna wanting to have an sexual relationship with him.[11][12] Alison would take the opportunity to blackmail Aria's father, Byron Montgomery, after seeing him cheat on his Aria's mother, desperate to keep Ali from telling Ella the truth, Bryon paid Alison to keep quite.[12] Spencer's sister Melissa became enraged with Ali after finding out Ian was cheating on her with Alison, Melissa was also in Ali's bedroom the night she "died" as well as joining Mona's army against Alison.[12] Alison has had an feud with Emily's on-off girlfriend Paige, Alison tricked Paige into thinking Emily wrote an love letter to her, in order to blackmail Paige because she wasn't outed yet. Amid her rivalries, she is close with her rival Spencer.

Alison shares a very unhealthy relationship with CeCe Drake as they "wore" each other's personalities. Alison's mother calls their relationship "toxic" because Cece dressed up as Ali and tried to admit herself to Radley. Alison got Cece kicked out of UPenn causing her to hate The Liars and join the "A" Team. Alison also was child-hood friends with Shana Fring, as she grew up next Ali's grandparents, Shana was one of the few people who helped Ali though she eventually turned on Ali and attempted to kill her.


After recalling her many false “A” accusations (first Jenna, then Toby, then every member of the PLLs), Alison revealed what actually happened the night she went missing, including all the people she encountered along the way.[12] It was eventually revealed how she was buried, after Ali was hit over the head, Mrs. DiLaurentis, whom saw the whole thing, buried her alive in order to cover for someone.[12] The night Alison disappeared, Aria, Hanna and Emily later wake up from their sleep and realize Spencer and Ali are both missing.[1] Spencer then returns to tell the other girls that she looked for Ali everywhere and thinks she heard her scream.[1] After Carla Grunwald pulled Ali out of the ground, Ali eventually ran off where she was found by Mona. That’s when Mona concocted the whole plan for Ali to “die” in order to unmask “A.”[12] Following this, the girls narrowly escaped a masked assailant; unfortunately, Ezra was shot while trying to save the girls.[12][a]


The series begins with footage of the night Alison DiLaurentis disappeared. Alison, Aria Montgomery, Spencer Hastings, Hanna Marin and Emily Fields were having a sleepover party in Spencer's barn.[1] Alison scared them by sneaking up on them in the barn doorway, causing them all to laugh.[1] Aria, Hanna and Emily later wake up from their sleep and realize Spencer and Ali are both missing.[1] Spencer then returns to tell the other girls that she looked for Ali everywhere and thinks she heard her scream.[1] Aria has a flashback to October 2008 when she and Alison had cruelly ditched nerdy Mona only to find her father, Byron, kissing another woman inside his car.[1] Spencer flashes back to a moment the summer before, when Melissa Hastings was dating then-boyfriend Ian Thomas. She had been standing with Alison and Hanna in her kitchen when Ian and Melissa walked in.[1] Suddenly, Alison announced that Spencer had something to reveal, but Spencer denied it, and was annoyed by Alison's blunt betrayal.[1] Outside, out of earshot, Ali had threatened to expose Spencer's secret in front of her sister, namely the fact that she had once kissed her sister's boyfriend Ian.[1] Spencer had countered with a threat to expose Ali's involvement in "The Jenna Thing."[1] After the flashback, Spencer looks out the window and sees into the window of Alison's house across from hers, a wavy blonde figure moving about inside.[1] Spencer gasps, "Alison."[1] Towards the end of the Pilot, "Alison's body" is found behind her house. A funeral takes place afterwards, and the girls realize Alison is not "A."[1]

In "The Jenna Thing", A flashback is shown of the night Jenna Marshall was blinded. Alison reveals to the girls that she believes Toby Cavanaugh's spying on them while they were trying on clothes in Emily's room, and has been for some time.[11] Alison immediately hatches a plan to drop a stink bomb in his garage as revenge.[11] Emily and Aria try to back out, while Hanna and Spencer also share their reservations, but Ali is adamant that Toby must be taught a lesson.[11] Alison then orders Spencer to pass the match and ignites the firecracker, opening the door of the garage, and tossing it inside.[11] But the prank went terribly wrong when the garage catches on fire, and Alison sees too late that his step-sister, Jenna Marshall, was inside.[11] As a result, Jenna was blinded from the accident, and Alison made sure that Toby falsely took the blame for it.[11] Alison had blackmailed him with a piece of information that Spencer could not overhear.[11][14]

In the episode "Keep Your Friends Close", Alison catches Spencer kissing Melissa's boyfriend in which Ali calls out Spencer to let her know that she saw her kissing her sister's boyfriend. She called it disgusting and basically called Spencer a skank to boot, implying Alison's jealousy.[15]

In the episode "Moments Later", Alison visits Hanna in a candy striper outfit in her hospital room. She smiles at Hanna and asks if she misses her. Weak, Hanna tries to ask her what happened that fateful night, but all Alison will say is that the four of them combined already know the truth. Additionally, she tells Hanna that "A" annoys her, and that she should really do something about that bitch. She reveals that it is dangerous for her to have come, but she did because she had to see if Hanna was ok. When she leaves, a berry-colored lipstick stain - the same shade that Alison is wearing - is seen on the rim of a Styrofoam cup near Hanna's bed.[16]

In the second season (2011–2012), Ali appears in the episode "Blind Dates" as an imaginative representation in order to help Hanna overcome the emotional abuse that Alison inflicted on her.[17] In "The Devil You Know", "A" lures the girls into going to a cemetery. A projector plays a video on Alison's grave. Its the footage of Alison and Ian that night. However, after Alison "dies", she gets up and laughs. Its revealed that Alison wasn't killed by Ian, it was just a video. In "Save the Date", The girls find Alison's autopsy reports. It says Alison was hit in the head with a curved, blunt object. Someone had buried her, but its revealed Alison was still alive she was buried. This means Alison died of suffocation. In "Over My Dead Body", "A" traps Emily in a barn with a running car. Emily faints, but someone opens the shed and drags Emily out. Emily wakes up in a sunny field on someones lap. She looks up and sees Alison. Alison says she had two choices: She can stay here...or she can go with her. Alison then reveals she does know who "A' is, and Emily begs her to tell. Alison says she can't because "Two can only keep a secret if one of them is dead". Emily then goes to sleep, and Alison gives her a kiss. Emily wakes up in front of the shed and the girls are there. They ask what happened and Emily says she saw Alison. It is unknown if this was real or not, as someone had clearly dragged Emily out of the barn. She had her first main role in the episode "The First Secret",[13] which is the Halloween episode takes place the Halloween before Ali went missing.[13] Its revealed Alison was also threatened by "A".[13] During Noel's Halloween party, Alison decides to play a trick on the girls.[13] She texts the girls, saying she is being held hostage at a scary house. The girls go in and Alison runs into the room and locks the door.[13] She tells the girls a person in a demented-baby costume kidnapped her at the party and wants to kill her.[13] Alison goes out and the girls hear her scream. They try to open the door, but someone locked it with a crowbar. Emily looks through the key-hole and sees the demented baby attacking Alison. Alison kicks the person in the gut before running away.[13] Alison tells the girls this was a test to see if they would do anything to save her. She says they passed. Back at the party, Alison thanks Noel for being the "attacker".[13] However, Noel says that it wasn't him. Alison looks confused and wonders who the real attacker was. Just then, she receives a text. The text says "Dying to know who I am? You'll find out." - A [13]

Alison (bottom) and CeCe Drake (top).

In the episode "Single Fright Female", Alison appears in an flash back, CeCe and Alison talk in her car, and Alison tells her about how she'd set up Paige by writing her a love letter, pretending to be Emily.[18] CeCe says she's proud of her.[18] When Paige appears for the setup, Alison confronts her and threatens to tell her father, who is the deacon at the church.[18] Paige screams at Alison to give her the note back, but Alison says that she owns her now.[18] CeCe gleefully speeds away from the scene with Alison.[18]

In the episode "Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Inferno", CeCe revealed that Ali told her that she is 2 weeks late and scared she is pregnant because she didn't use protection every time.[19] When CeCe asks her if she told 'him,' Ali says she can't because he would kill her.[b] This is the episode in which "Board Shorts" was first mentioned.[20]

In the season finale, Red Coat, the leader of the A-Team, pulls the liars out of the burning lodge. Hanna looks up and it is Alison. As they are coming to, Mona runs over and asks if anyone else saw her, exclaiming that it was Alison that saved them from the fire.[21] Emily and Aria are in disbelief because Alison is dead, but Spencer comes and confirms that Alison is who she saw in the woods.[22][23]

In the fourth season (2013–2014), Ali was revealed to be alive in the episode "Now You See Me, Now You Don't", as the Liars are stopped by Mrs. Grunwald who reveals that Ali is alive, and Mrs. Grunwald saved her life.[3][4] Someone was after Ali, and Ali was phoning Mrs. Grunwald, asking her to help her find out who it was.[3][4] On the night Ali 'died', Mrs. Grunwald had sensed Ali was in trouble and rescued her by pulling her up out of the soil where she had been buried alive.[3][4] Ali was injured and in shock, so Mrs. Grunwald brought her to the hospital, where Ali disappeared when Grunwald went inside.[3][4]

Alison's reveal was praised as the best part of "Grave New World.

During the mid season on the episode "Grave New World", Mrs. Grunwald tells the girls that one of them has been touched by the one Alison fears the most,[24] In the final frames, the girls get dropped off back in Rosewood by Ezra (riding to the rescue in his car) and they think they see Alison run off into the woods.[24] She turns around ... and reveals herself to be alive.[24] "I want to come home, but you have to help me," she tells the girls.[24] In "Close Encounters", it was revealed that Shana grew up in George next door to Alison's grandparents and that Ali asked Shana to come to Rosewood to look into who was trying to kill her.[25] Eventually, Alison decided to sent Shana to tell Emily that Alison wants to meet her and which Emily goes.[25] Alison and Emily meat in an unknown location where Ali says "You have no idea how hard it's been to stay away."[25] Alison also says she's not sure she can trust the other Liars but when Spencer shows up, Alison runs for it.[25] In the episode "Bite Your Tongue", Spencer begins to believe Ezra is the one, Ali is afraid of as "Board Shorts" ordered boysenberry pie and beer with Ali at a pub near Hollis College and Spencer encounters him there with an order of boysenberry pie and beer.[26] In the episode "Hot for Teacher", Ali enlisted Emily to get Ali's secret stash of cash hidden in the back of a French painting in her bedroom and give it to Shana to deliver to Ali so he can continued on the run.[27] Shana was attacked by an unseen assailant leading to Ali calling Shana to ask her about the money but Shana didn't have it.[27] Shana's car is now parked in front of the "Welcome to Rosewood" sign, which contains a threatening message.[27] Shana hightails it out of Rosewood leaving Ali high and dry with out the money.[27][28] In the episode "Unbridled", Emily discovers the password to the e-mail address on the post-it attached to Alison's money and contact her.[29] Alison calls, telling them to meet her in Philadelphia which reveals the Noel is helping her.[29] In the season finale of season four episode "A is for Answers", Alison reveals all her secrets.[12]

Spencer Hastings conformed that Alison is returning to Rosewood and it will "Shake" Rosewood, and herself.[5] King says, adding that it will change "her relationships with the girls individually and with the group as a dynamic and with the parents too."[5] Sasha Pieterse, who plays Ali, confirmed that Ali's relationship with the four other girls will be odd at first. "Their relationship will get better, but right now it's rocky. There's tension there. It's strange."[5] King confirmed that Alison's father Kenneth DiLaurentis will return, King said “Her father comes home and wants to take her with him”.[30] King announced that Ali and Caleb will have chemistry “He comes in knowing about this persona, this mythical figure Alison, and now he gets to meet her for real. That's going to be chemistry we get to see."[31]

In the mid season finale episode "Taking This One To The Grave", Alison begins to form an Army of her own converting Mona's army into her own without Lucas, Melissa and Paige. Mona had made a shocking discovery: Alison knew about her mom’s affair and lured Bethany to Rosewood with Mona have proof Alison is "A".[32]


Autumne Montague of TVOvermind, lauded Pieterse’s character for her self-awareness in having admitted to not be a good friend, calling it "refreshing from a girl who in flashbacks seemed simply self-absorbed." following the events of "A is for Answers.[33]


  1. ^ Mona Vanderwaal, CeCe Drake and Shana knew Alison was still alive after her disappearance.
  2. ^ Alison never had a pregnancy scare in the books, but she had one in the summer before she disappeared on the TV show. Later on Mona revealed, based on Ali's diaries that such pregnancy was merely a false alarm.


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