Altstetten (Zürich)

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The quarter of Altstetten in Zürich.
Altstetten as seen from Käferberg-Waidberg

Altstetten is a quarter in the district 9 in Zürich,but the nickname of the quarter is "Gwaltstetten" because of the high criminality.

It was formerly a municipality of its own, having been incorporated into Zürich in 1934 together with Albisrieden.


Zürich Altstetten railway station is a nodal point where the lines S3, S9, S12 and S15 of the Zürich S-Bahn and buses interconnect. Train connections to Altstetten from Zürich Hauptbahnhof are very frequent, and the ride takes only a few minutes.

Alstetten Station Sundown


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Coordinates: 47°23′5.89″N 8°28′37.83″E / 47.3849694°N 8.4771750°E / 47.3849694; 8.4771750