Ankobra River

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Ankobra River
Country Ghana
Mouth Gulf of Guinea
 - location Atlantic Ocean
 - coordinates 4°53′55″N 2°16′17″W / 4.89861°N 2.27139°W / 4.89861; -2.27139Coordinates: 4°53′55″N 2°16′17″W / 4.89861°N 2.27139°W / 4.89861; -2.27139
Basin 1,900 km2 (734 sq mi)

The Ankobra River is primarily situated in Ghana. Rising north east of Wiawso, it flows about 120 miles (190 km) south to the Gulf of Guinea. Its entire course is in south Ghana.[1][2]

The Ankobra River is fed by the Nini River. Small ships can navigate approximately eighty kilometers inland, whilst the upper reaches contain rapids. Several hydro electric schemes have been proposed for the upper reaches.[1][2]


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