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Antwerp Management School
Logo of the Antwerp Management School
Established 1959
Dean Paul Matthyssens[1]
Admin. staff 65
Location Antwerp, Belgium
51°13′14.3″N 4°24′38.7″E / 51.220639°N 4.410750°E / 51.220639; 4.410750Coordinates: 51°13′14.3″N 4°24′38.7″E / 51.220639°N 4.410750°E / 51.220639; 4.410750
Campus University of Antwerp - Brantijser
Affiliations University of Antwerp, Institute of Business Studies Moscow

The Antwerp Management School (Dutch: Antwerp Management School) is the University of Antwerp's autonomous management school. It is located in the historical center of the city of Antwerp. The school offers twelve master programs and more than sixty short or long-term executive programs on a variety of subjects.


The Antwerp Management School was established in 1959 as the "Instituut voor Postuniversitair Onderwijs (IPO)".[2] On March 31, 2000 it changed its name to Antwerp Management School, and became an independent organization within the University of Antwerp. All postgraduate management programs and business management master programs in the University of Antwerp were transferred to Antwerp Management School.



The University of Antwerp has obtained the prestigious accreditation of the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) for its management programmes in the faculty of Applied Economic Sciences and at the Antwerp Management School. The University of Antwerp is the first Belgian university to acquire this accreditation.[3]

With some 500 accredited member (of whom about 60 outside of the US), AACSB is the oldest (1916) and most authoritative accreditation organization in the world. Antwerp Management School is now in the company of universities like Harvard, London Business School, Marquette, Warwick, and Chicago.


The Antwerp Management School master trainings have been accredited by the Dutch-Flemish Accreditation Organisation (NVAO) on the basis of the AACSB- accreditation. With this NVAO acknowledgment on the basis of an already acquired international accreditation, the University of Antwerp is a firstling among the Belgian universities.


  • 41st on the European Business School ranking (#2 in Belgium) in 2013 by the Financial Times[4]
  • 55th on the global EMBA ranking (#1 in Belgium) in 2013 by the Financial Times[5]
  • 40th on the European Business School ranking (#2 in Belgium) in 2012 by the Financial Times[6]
  • 50th on the global EMBA ranking (#1 in Belgium) in 2012 by the Financial Times[7]
  • 27th on the global Masters in Management ranking (#3 in Belgium) in 2010 by the Financial Times[8]


The Antwerp Management School is located at 9-13 Sint-Jacobsmarkt, in the Antwerp inner city. The historical building 'Het Brantijser', which sets back to the 15th century, has been completely restored and renovated before the Antwerp Management School moved in, in the year 2000. The architect and principal have been awarded with the prestigious Europa Nostra Award for the daring combination of the historical foundations and the surprisingly modern interpretation.

Combining the charm and tradition of a rich history with the vigour and progress of modern industrial Flanders, Antwerp is a city with a distinctive character. In the 16th century, Antwerp became the main commercial centre of Western Europe. Churches, museums and historical buildings bear witness to this golden age. The city remains one of Europe’s major industrial centres. The port is the fourth largest in the world and its petrochemical industry is second only to Houston, Texas. Antwerp is also known as the world centre of diamond trade, its volume being by far the largest in the world.

Foreign students will also appreciate the city's central location in Europe. Brussels, the Belgian capital and now commonly called 'the Capital of Europe', is only a thirty-minute train ride away. Throughout the ages, trade in Antwerp has been internationally oriented. Paris, London, Cologne, Frankfurt and Amsterdam are within 300 kilometres of the city and can easily be reached by car, train or airplane. The Dutch-speaking citizens of Antwerp are also quite used to speaking English, French and German. Foreigners and tourists experience no problems in making themselves understood.

The Antwerp Management School is located in the historical center of the city of Antwerp. In the year 2000, after an award-winning renovation, a splendid 15th-century mansion called ‘Het Brantijser’ became the new home of the Management School. Other university campuses are within walking distance. The school is can easily be reached by public transportation.

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