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Applethorpe, Queensland.jpg
An apple orchard in Applethorpe, Queensland, Australia.
Applethorpe is located in Queensland
Coordinates 28°37′0″S 151°58′0″E / 28.61667°S 151.96667°E / -28.61667; 151.96667Coordinates: 28°37′0″S 151°58′0″E / 28.61667°S 151.96667°E / -28.61667; 151.96667
Population 748 (2006)[1]
LGA(s) Southern Downs Region

Applethorpe is a town in the Southern Downs Region, Queensland, Australia.[2] Applethorpe is well known for the production of apples.[3]


The area was originally called Roessler after an early German settler, but the name was changed to Applethorpe (reflecting the apple orchards in the district) in 1915, as part of the anti-German sentiment during World War 1.[2][4][5]

Applethorpe State School opened on 14 September 1911.[6]

Applethorpe Post Office opened around 1919 (a receiving office had been open since 1916) and closed in 1991.[7]


The town is positioned on the New England Highway just north of Stanthorpe in the Granite Belt region at an elevation of 872 m. There is a railway station on the Southern railway line at Applethorpe. It was part of the former local government area of the Shire of Stanthorpe.


During a cold snap in 2007, the town recorded a minimum temperature of −7.7 °C.[8] In July 2010, Applethorpe recorded a minimum of 13.6 °C which was the highest minimum on record ever for that month.[9]


In 2006, Applethorpe had a population of 748; of which, 20% worked in the farming or produce industries.[1]


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