Archduchess Elisabeth Franziska of Austria (1892–1930)

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For the second wife of Archduke Karl Ferdinand of Austria, see Archduchess Elisabeth Franziska of Austria.
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Archduchess Elisabeth Franziska Marie Karoline Ignatia Salvator (27 January 1892 – 29 January 1930) was the daughter of Archduke Franz Salvator of Austria and Archduchess Marie Valerie of Austria. Through her mother she was a granddaughter of Emperor Franz Joseph I of Austria.


She was born on 27 January 1892 to Archduke Franz Salvator of Austria in Vienna. She married at Niederwallsee on 19 September 1912 Georg Graf von Waldburg zu Zeil und Hohenems (1878–1955). The marriage was one of love and not a political marriage. Georg Graf von Waldburg had no money or property, he had been hired as a tutor for her brothers.[1] She died on 29 January 1930.


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