Argamasilla de Alba

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Castle of Argamasilla de Alba
Casa de Medrano
Monument to Don Quijote
In a place of La Mancha

Argamasilla de Alba is a municipality in Ciudad Real (province), Castile-La Mancha, Spain. It has a population of 6,791. Cervantes was held prisoner here and refers to the place in the prologue to Don Quixote. Almost since the first edition of Don Quixote a debate begun circulating about the meaning of, “In a village of La Mancha the name of which I have no desire to recall…” (English rendering by Samuel Putnam 1949) or “In a village of La Mancha, the name of which I have no desire to call to mind…” (John Ormsby, ed. 1997) started. Martin de Riquer contends that this phrase simply means “…no me acuerdo…” “…I don’t recall…” He reports that other contemporary authors (Ensaladilla, El Celoso Extremeño) use it with this meaning. Others prefer the more modern rendering. “I don’t want to remember” (which then would make the statement reate to the fact that Cervantes was imprisoned at Argamasilla de Alba in what is today a must-visit touristic spot, la Cueva or Casa de Medrano in Argamasilla). That Argamasilla de Alba is that village or lugar is questioned by Martín de Riquer and Pasinetti, but enthusiastically supported by scholars as important as Menéndez y Pidal, Avellaneda, Valdez y Hernández, Adams and Keller, and John Ormsby. Cervantes himself seems to support that Argamasilla is that village or place in La Mancha by setting the meeting of the Academicians of Argamasilla at the grave of Don Quixote. However he will write in the second part of the book (Don Quixote II, 74) “…whose birhtplace Cid Hamete was unwilling to designate exactly in order that all the towns and villages of La Mancha might contend among themselves for the right to adopt him and claim him as their own…” Coordinates: 39°07′N 3°06′W / 39.117°N 3.100°W / 39.117; -3.100