Arthur Gardiner Butler

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Arthur Gardiner Butler

Arthur Gardiner Butler (born 27 June 1844 in Chelsea, London - died 28 May 1925 in Beckenham, Kent) was an English entomologist, arachnologist and ornithologist. He worked at the British Museum working on the taxonomy of birds, insects, and spiders.[1]

He also published articles on spiders of Australia, Galapagos, of Madagascar, etc.

List of works[edit]


  • Monograph of the species of Charaxes, a genus of diurnal Lepidoptera. Proceedings of the Zoological Society of London 1865:622-639 (1866)
  • Catalogue of diurnal lepidoptera of the family Satyridae in the collection of the British Museum (1868)
  • Catalogue of Diurnal Lepidoptera Described by Fabricius in the Collection of the British Museum (1870)
  • Lepidoptera Exotica, or, Descriptions and illustrations of exotic lepidoptera (1869–1874)
  • Tropical Butterflies and Moths (1873)
  • Catalogue of the Lepidoptera of New Zealand (1874)
  • The butterflies of Malacca (1879).
  • "Catalogue of the butterflies of New Zealand"(1880)
  • with Herbert Druce (1846–1913), Descriptions of new genera and species of Lepidoptera from Costa Rica. Cistula entomologica, 1 : 95–118 (1872).


  • Foreign birds for cage and aviary, Order Passeres... (1896–1897) illustrated by Frederick William Frohawk (1861–1946)
  • British Birds’ Eggs: a handbook of British oölogy


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