Arthur Gardiner Butler

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Arthur Gardiner Butler

Arthur Gardiner Butler (born 27 June 1844 in Chelsea, London - died 28 May 1925 in Beckenham, Kent, 28 May 1925) was an English entomologist, arachnologist and ornithologist. He worked at the British Museum working on the taxonomy of birds, insects, and spiders.[1]

He also published articles on spiders of Australia, Galapagos, of Madagascar, etc.

List of works[edit]


  • Monograph of the species of Charaxes, a genus of diurnal Lepidoptera. Proceedings of the Zoological Society of London 1865:622-639 (1866)
  • Catalogue of diurnal lepidoptera of the family Satyridae in the collection of the British Museum (1868)
  • Catalogue of Diurnal Lepidoptera Described by Fabricius in the Collection of the British Museum (1870)
  • Lepidoptera Exotica, or, Descriptions and illustrations of exotic lepidoptera (1869–1874)
  • Tropical Butterflies and Moths (1873)
  • Catalogue of the Lepidoptera of New Zealand (1874)
  • The butterflies of Malacca (1879).
  • "Catalogue of the butterflies of New Zealand"(1880)
  • with Herbert Druce (1846–1913), Descriptions of new genera and species of Lepidoptera from Costa Rica. Cistula entomologica, 1 : 95–118 (1872).


  • Foreign birds for cage and aviary, Order Passeres... (1896–1897) illustrated by Frederick William Frohawk (1861–1946)
  • British Birds’ Eggs: a handbook of British oölogy


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