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Percussion instrument
Classification Membranophone
Hornbostel–Sachs classification 211.261.1
(Directly struck membranophones, goblet drums, one membrane, open at one end)
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Yoruba people, Yoruba music

An ashiko (aṣíkò) is a drum shaped like a truncated cone and played with bare hands. The drum is played throughout sub-Saharan Africa[citation needed] and the Americas. Like the djembe, the ashiko has three primary tones, bass, tone, and slap. The drum was originally played by the Yoruba people of Nigeria and was carved out of a solid log of wood. The modern stave construction of the drum arose in the west and is not traditional.[1]

The Ashiko is associated with a whole genre of music of the same name and adherents of the Christian religion, as practiced in Nigeria.


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