Astitva...Ek Prem Kahani

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Astitva - Ek Prem Kahani
AEPK Intro.jpg
Niki Aneja Walia in the opening credits of Astitva - Ek Prem Kahani.
Format Drama
Created by Balaji Telecommunications
Directed by Ajai Sinha
Starring see below
Opening theme "Astitva" by Mahalaxmi Iyer
Country of origin India
No. of episodes 668
Running time approximately 22 minutes
Original channel

Zee TV

Picture format 480i (SDTV),
Original run November 17, 2002 – January 13, 2006
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Astitva - Ek Prem Kahani (Existence - a love story) was a Hindi-language soap opera that aired on Zee TV channel for about four years. The story focuses on the concept of women's identity through the character of Dr. Simran, who embodies patience, consistency and suppression in a subtle way. She is a gynecologist who enters a complex situation when she marries a man 10 years younger than herself. It shows the ensuing struggles in her life.


Astitva...Ek Prem Kahani is the story of Dr. Simran Mathur, a renowned gynecologist. Simran is the eldest daughter of senior government officer Saurabh and homemaker Padma. Simran has two younger sisters, Kavita and Rashmi. The story begins at Rashmi’s wedding. Simran’s parents worry that their eldest daughter is unmarried and in her mid-thirties. She is unable to attend the wedding because she has to operate on critically ill Anandi. Simran’s saves Anandi and her baby. Anandi’s brother, Abhimanyu Saxena (a.k.a. Abhi) is smitten by Dr. Simran. Abhi, a photographer, woos Simran, who resists his advances because he is ten years younger than her.

Eventually, Simran falls in love with Abhi and, when Abhi proposes to her, she agrees. Simran's and Abhi’s parents are against this match because of the age difference. Abhi and Simran elope and get married with the help of Simran’s good friend Dr. Manas. Urmila, Dr. Manas’s wife, is against her husband’s involvement in the marriage. She is jealous of her husband's friendship with Simran. Because of the marriage, Saurabh renounces his daughter and resigns from his job. He is depressed and angry because he believes his favorite daughter ruined her life, and he finds solace in the arms of his mistress Anjali. Kavita, who lives at her parents' home with her husband Rohit, reveals that she has always been jealous of her elder sister Simran, who always hogged their father’s attention. Kavita takes this opportunity to get back at Simran by fueling fights with Saurabh.

Simran and Abhi start their life living in Abhi’s studio. Abhi’s parents believe Simran seduced their young son and, to get him out of her clutches, invite the couple to live with them. Simran is mistreated at Abhi’s house, but she doesn’t complain and tries to win them over with her love. Anandi helps Simran in this endeavor. Abhi's immaturity causes some friction in their relationship, but the couple is able to work things out. Due to the mistreatment of Simran at Abhi’s house they move out and start afresh in a new place. Abhi tastes success at work and dreams of expanding his business. He employs a new assistant, Kiran, a girl who changes his life forever. Simran is thrilled to learn that she is pregnant; Abhi gets nervous about impending parenthood. He gets into an extramarital affair with Kiran. One night, Saurabh takes his mistress Anjali to a pub and sees Abhi with Kiran. Saurabh and Abhi have an ugly confrontation. Abhi abandons Simran emotionally while she goes through a complicated pregnancy. Abhi wins accolades for his work and rises in his career. He hurts Simran by giving credit to Kiran for all his success and introduces Kiran to his mother. Abhi’s mother is impressed by Kiran, who is much younger than Simran. Eventually, by Rohit's efforts, Saurabh breaks up with Anjali, and Kavita changes her attitude towards Simran.soon they learn that Kavita has cancer which she has kept from every one and she leaves to Switzerland for her treatment. Abhi marries with kiran and leaves Simran. Then Anil Shourie came and tries to interfere in their lives. Kiran is pregnant with Abhi's child and aborts it on Shourie's saying.with all this going on Kiran leaves abhi and goes to her dream house which shourie gave her.

Simran has her child, a girl, whom she names Aastha while Abhi has gotten married for a third time to Neha whom he gets pregnant. Simran helps Neha's delivery and she also has a girl. But shortly after Neha dies. Simran takes a trip to London with Abhi where someone takes Aastha and Simran comes back home in shock. Abhi's family want Simran to look after Neha's daughter. Simran looks at the little girl and sees her own daughter. She hugs her and agrees to raise her as her own naming her Aastha while Abhi disappears. Years later it shows Abhi is the Writer Anand and Sia at a hospital as her Mum is dying after being involved in an accident. Abhi also is there and he saw the woman running after her after his maid said that woman was looking after Aastha years ago when they were in London. He comes to the hospital and Abhi finds out Sia is Aastha, his daughter and Sia finds out Abhi is her father. The woman then dies as Sia and Abhi reunite and he takes her with him back to where Simran is. The viewers are shown Simran and Aastha living as mother and daughter. At first Sia's true identity is hidden and Aastha grows increasing jealous of Sia as her best friend starts to take an interest in Sia. Aastha dislikes this as she herself has feelings for Sid, who is Manas and Urmila's son. As the truth comes out Aastha demands evidence and a friend of the woman who abducted Sia brings back her childhood clothes including a shoe which Simran bought for her daughter and was wearing the day she was abducted. Simran has the other shoe and everyone accepts Sia except for Aastha who still dilikes her and doesn't accepts her as a sister. Kiran tries to influence Aastha and take her away from her family. At one of the film shootings Aastha comes to know about the real intentions of Kiran and reunites with Simran and her family. However, the bus in which they are traveling becomes the target of a bomb blast. Aastha is killed and Simran loses her eyesight. In the end, Simran gets her eyesight back through surgery and she and Abhi get back together and continue to face life as it comes.


It is written by Purnendu Shekhar and Gajra Kottary



2005 2nd Apsara Awards

Best Drama Series - Astitva...Ek Prem Kahani

Best Actress - Niki Aneja Walia as Dr. Simran

Best Actor - Varun Badola as Abhimanyu

2005 Indian Television Academy Awards

Best Actor (Drama) - Varun Badola as Abhimanyu

Best Teleplay - Astitva - Ek Prem Kahani - Gajra Kottary & Purnendu Shekhar

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