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New Zealander Australians
Total population
62,717 (by birth, 2013 Census)
Regions with significant populations
Australian-born people by region
Auckland 19,593
Canterbury 8,520
Wellington 6,915
Waikato 6,096
Otago 3,897

An Australian New Zealander is a New Zealand citizen who has origins in Australia, as well as Australian migrants and expatriates based in New Zealand.

According to the 2013 Census, therw were 62,712 Australian-born people living in New Zealand, a slight decrease from 62,742 at the 2006 Census.[1]

Australians in New Zealand are eligible for all WINZ payments.[citation needed] They become eligible for tertiary student allowances after two years and can apply for citizenship after three years.[2]

Notable Australian New Zealanders[edit]

  • Keisha Castle-Hughes, actress – born in Donnybrook, WA
  • Russel Norman, politician, co-leader of the New Zealand Green Party – born in Brisbane
  • Michael Joseph Savage, 23rd Prime Minister of New Zealand (1935–40) – born in Tatong, Vic
  • Joseph Ward, 17th Prime Minister of New Zealand (1906–12, 1928–30) – born in Melbourne

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