Avijatičarsko Naselje

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Map of the urban area of Novi Sad with city quarters, showing the location of Avijatičarsko Naselje
Avijatičarsko Naselje

Avijatičarsko Naselje (Serbian: Авијатичарско Насеље), also known as Avijacija (Serbian: Авијација), is a quarter of the city of Novi Sad in Serbia.


The south-eastern border of Avijatičarsko Naselje is Ulica Oblačića Rada (Oblačića Rada Street), the north-eastern border is Rumenački put (Rumenka Road), and the western border is a future new section of Subotički bulevar (Subotica Boulevard), which will be built in 2007.

Neighbouring city quarters[edit]

The neighbouring city quarters are: Jugovićevo in the west, Detelinara in the southeast, and Industrijska Zona Jug in the northeast.

Name and history[edit]

Construction of the settlement started in 1948 and it was named after Avijatičarski put (Avijatičar Road), a road that lead to the local airport.

Famous citizens[edit]

The famous citizens of Avijatičarsko Naselje were literates Miroslav Antić and Ferenc Deak.

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