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The BMC-series of journals is a collection of 65 online research journals published by BioMed Central.[1] Like all BioMed Central journals, they have a policy of open access to the research articles they publish. Between them, they cover all major subject areas within biology and medicine. Two of the journals, BMC Biology and BMC Medicine, have a broad scope, and aim to publish particularly significant research. A third journal, BMC Research Notes, publishes research from all areas of biology and medicine without making impact or interest criteria for publication, while BMC Proceedings publishes conference proceedings. The other 61 journals specialise on a particular subject area. Due to their free licensing, images from BMC journals can be reused in other places.


Impact factors[edit]

Most BMC journals have an impact factor. For the 42 journals with official 2011 impact factors, it ranged from 1.00 (BMC Ophthalmology) to 6.04 (BMC Medicine), with a mean of 2.62.[2] Several of the subject-specific BMC journals are among the top quarter of journals in their field with regard to their impact factors, including BMC Genomics, BMC Bioinformatics, BMC Evolutionary Biology, and BMC Molecular Biology.[3]


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