Bangladesh University of Professionals

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Bangladesh University of Professionals
BUP বাংলাদেশ ইউনিভার্সিটি অব প্রফেশনালস
BUP logo.jpg
Motto Excellence Through Knowledge
Established 5 June 2008
Type Public
Students 5000
Undergraduates 4000
Postgraduates 1000
Doctoral students 50
Location Dhaka, Bangladesh
Campus Mirpur Cantonment, Mirpur-12, Dhaka-1216, Bangladesh
Nickname BUP

Bangladesh University of Professionals (BUP) (Bengali: BUP বাংলাদেশ ইউনিভার্সিটি অব প্রফেশনালস) is the 30th public university of Bangladesh established in Mirpur, Dhaka in 2008, to run all educational institutions of the army, navy and air force and facilitate professional degrees for armed forces personnel and civilians through its affiliated institutions.[1][2][3]


The establishment of a university for the armed forces educational and training institutes was a long felt need. National security, war strategy, medical, engineering and technology related to higher studies are in high demand at present. To keep pace and to be at par with the fast developing world, national higher studies, research enabling modern knowledge and creating scope for education and studies are the obligations to be fulfilled. In order to expand and integrate the existing educational and training institutes of the armed forces, they were needed to be brought under a single umbrella or authority. Thereby, the establishment of the Bangladesh University of Professionals (BUP) took place in that process. BUP came into being as the 30th public university of Bangladesh on 5 June 2008. It is a unique public university run by the armed forces, and also the youngest university.


The aim of BUP in to impart higher education in the field of national security, operations of war, medical, engineering and technology with a view to acquire and maintain the equivalence of progressive modern world standard of knowledge in the scientific field and there by creating a scope for studies and research under a single university (BUP) for the educational and training institutes of the armed forces where both military and civil students can pursue their career.


There are nine institutions (formerly run by the Bangladesh Military) that are affiliated [4] with BUP. These institutions are:

Before establishment of BUP, these institutes were earlier affiliated with University of Dhaka, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University, Chittagong University and Bangladesh National University and are now affiliated with the BUP.[1] Details of all nine affiliated institutions are available on their respective websites. The web addresses are available at the BUP website.[5]

Academic Program[edit]

The five faculties of the university are:

  • Business Studies
  • Security and Strategic Studies
  • Engineering & Technical Studies
  • Medical Studies and
  • General Studies.

It awards Bachelor's degrees in 10 categories. It awards Master's degrees in 25 categories in Engineering, Business, Medicine as well as Military & War studies. It also awards M. Phil degrees.[1]

MBA, BBA & MMDHSM Program[edit]

Faculty of Business Studies is the only direct teaching faculty of the university & considered as one of the best institutes for Business Studies in Bangladesh. The Business Faculty of BUP has gained popularity within few years of it's establishment.[6] This faculty runs three programs. These are:

  • MBA Program (Evening)
  • MBA Program (Day)
  • BBA Program (Day)

There are 55 seats in MBA batch & 110 in BBA batches. Admission tests generally takes place once a year in September–October. The students are generally civilian in EMBA, MBA and BBA programs, but the authority reserves the right to keep vacancies for Military students. Details of all programs including prospectus can be found on the BUP website.[7] Master of Disaster and Human Security Management (MDHSM) is another newly started degree program under BUP.[8]

Admission Procedure - BBA Program[edit]

Each student has to pass through a rigorous selection procedure to secure a place from the prestigious 110 seats. Only students with good academic past records are allowed to apply for a seat and this record accounts for the 25% of the total admission test score. Students who apply for a seat have to seat for a written test of 100 marks which is 50% of the total admission test score. The written test consists of 40-marks mathematical questions, 30-marks English questions and other 30-marks critical reasoning questions. Questions are generally tricky and thought provoking. A student has to score 40% in each of the three sections of the written test to pass it. After passing the test, one has to face a viva-voce which carries 25% of the admission test score. Finally 110 students are selected from the candidates who have successfully passed all the three stages. There is a 33% quota to take special students. [9]


Mirpur Cantonment,Dhaka- 1216 Tel:88-02-8000368 PABX: Civil Number: (8802) 8000261-4 Fax: 88-02-8035903

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